Under-eating? Here's one way to really tell

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A client, I'll call Keri, reported her ongoing frustration with her near daily snacking habit of walking right into the kitchen after work, shoes, coat, and purse still in tow. Pulling cupboard doors open, she'd grab a bag of organic tortilla chips, a bag of trail mix, and take a half eaten container of salsa out of the fridge. Standing at the counter sorting through bills and sifting through random recipes she'd laid out earlier, she dug into her chosen snacks and ate...a lot. (AKA, not just a few chips and a handful of trail mix) She described it as having "a whole dinner before dinner." By the time her "first dinner" and second dinner were over she felt tired, really full, but relaxed. Still, this was frustrating to her and she tried hard to omit the snacking, but couldn't.  


  Was Keri in need of better rituals shifting from work-life to home-life? More mindfulness practices around her snacking habit? Was something going on emotionally? In this case: No I took a look at Keri's regular eating choices and here's what I found almost immediately: She was under-eating during the day. Over-eating in the late afternoon and evening can simply point to not eating enough earlier. I know it seems insultingly simple. But many people, like Keri, still carry confusion on how to eat to regulate appetite and maintain a healthy body weight. Some idealize ascetic or constrained ways of eating that turn out to not work well for them. Others just don't pay much attention to their eating and appetite in general. Whatever the case, the clues often show up in the eating habits they like the least. So if you'd like to know if you're under-eating during the day, a voracious appetite is one clue to start with. There are many interesting eating styles around, but remember, the most supportive eating plans and styles should reduce reactive eating habits, not increase them. Something to chew on for a while...   With love,
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Do you agree with my list? (What most people truthfully want)

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Underneath the desire for toned and lean bodies and perfectly executed paleo, keto, vegan, or whole foods diets, there's the actual truth of what people really want... After many conversations in this work, I've distilled the essence down into a short list of themes that present again and again.

Stay centered in the digital age with this...

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Archetypal psychologist, James Hillman, wrote in his book, Interviews, that Western culture clings to and consequently suffers from its “Go ahead, Get Ahead, Do it” mentality. It’s a "manic defense," he says, a way of skimming on the surface of things, never tending to the complicated and soulful ordeals of being human. You’ll find it all over the place. Robotic diets. Yanking the body through excessive activity. Workaholism. There’s no place for soul to breathe.

A Little Talk on Psychoshamanism (video)

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Psychoshamanism is a synthesis of depth psychological wisdom and shamanic wisdom that aims to heal and develop the WHOLE person.  Nothing gets left out.  My own initiation into this work began 9 years ago.  I introduce the topic here as the framework is what's supported my in going deep with my clients and getting to the heart of what ails us and how to heal, diet and eating challenges included.  If you've curious to hear more, here's a 23 minute video explaining more.

3 Core Concepts that will change your eating

As you know, I practice a holistic approach to health and wellness, which means that I look at how all areas of your life are connected. This simple concept alone helps my clients work through their health concerns in a multi-layered and compassionate way. Though each of my clients are different, there are core concepts that I've trusted over the years to guide our work sanely and wisely. I'd like to share those with you today in a clear, concise way:

You may not love it, but it's the flavor of the season

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Have you ever had the experience of eating something very green or very bitter and laughed thinking, “Yikes, this is probably really good for me.” As a woman whose tried many different medicinal foods and potions, I’ve found often the ones that have a particular bite to them can be the most healing. Somewhere we know bitter can be helpful.

What gets in the way of progress

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A key to making some wonderful progress with your health and eating has much to do with choosing the right thing at the right time. Yes, it's that simple. Would you take off for a cross-country road trip right before your most important week at work of the year? Would you cook a huge meal for yourself when you know your love will soon be home with your favorite take-out? No. Bad timing. Seems obvious. But people do this all the time with their eating.

What I'd like all women to have on their menu right now

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One great, and very simple, piece of nutritional advice I'd once heard was this: If you're trying to decide what to eat, step outside for 15 minutes, then notice what sounds good. This is good advice no matter what part of the country you live in and a helpful practice opening communication between the body and the natural environment. (Instead of only relying on your head, MyFitnessPal, articles, or old habits)

Rx for your Moods

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Even been in a bad mood? Felt moody? Have a mood “come out of nowhere?” Warn others that you are “in a mood?” Generally our collective approach to moods or fluctuations in mood, is to judge, suppress, try to fix, or even write off as “ego.” But aren't we missing something by doing so? There’s a story in Greek Mythology, one of the young Persephone who is abducted by Hades, the god of the Underworld and taken to live with him. She is unhappy there and she and her mother Demeter miss one another terribly. Persephone eventually is given permission to rejoin her mother, but after having eaten four pomegranate seeds, she is still bound to spending a part of her time in the Underworld each year as a consort to Hades.

2018 Reflections & Pictures

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Here we are again. The year is coming to a close as we find ourselves in this final month of 2018. I’ve made it a ritual the past several years to carve out time to sit and reflect on what’s happened the past year and share a few highlights with you from RFW headquarters. So let's get to it. In no particular order, some highlights and reflections from the year…