Nutritional Detox: bad move or wise therapy?

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After about a year and a half of taking a break due to an unusual amount of international travel, I've gotten back to my regular seasonal nutritional therapy protocols and practices. I was working on my digestive strength by way of decongesting the liver and gallbladder. (These organs work hard for us!) For me, working with these organs results most notably in more restful sleep, more energy, and less bloating. But, as you know, everyone’s body has a slightly different operating manual. Not everyone needs to pursue the same nutritional practices for the same reason. Aside from liver health and digestive health, there are other wonderful reasons to practice nutritional therapy.   These include:

  • Flushing the lymphatic system
  • Shifting the body into fat metabolism (forget weight, this actually helps support steadier energy throughout the day)
  • Developing a more attuned relationship with your digestive organs
  • Reducing the intensity of menstrual symptoms
  • Fortifying the immune system
  • Working through emotional, mental, and habitual attachments to food
  • Improving elimination
  • Simply learning about your own body
  • Supplementing a vision quest or other spiritual practice
  As you may have suspected, there's a bit of a sacrifice involved. But like your annual pap smear or regular dental cleanings, here's a situation where you, your present self, is taking care of you, your future self. (It's kind of like when you decide to make your bed in the morning to the delight of your future self who climbs into bed hours later!)  

Bad Move?

Now, on the other hand, I am very aware of a specific circumstances where, despite the possible benefits, it is NOT a wise idea to plan a semi-restrictive protocol. For those that are recovering from the diet/binge cycle, disordered eating, or any other burdened relationship with food, sometime a therapeutic protocol is not the kindest choice. The problem is not in the dietary protocol itself. The problem lies in the filter in which the mind takes in information. For those that feel consumed by thoughts about eating and weight, the mind often distorts the original intention of nutritional therapy into a way of measuring one's own human worth. When this is the case, it’s often wise to press pause on a diet protocol and work on unburdening the relationship with food first.  (A kinder and more effective strategy!) For example, when people “cleanse” because they are “feeling fat” or "feeling disgusting," they are often simply going on a restrictive diet, calling it a ‘cleanse’, praying they shed weight, with so much on the line. Any if you’ve ever been in that headspace, you know it has a much different feel than nutritional therapy.     It’s part of my job to feel into creative, kind, and edgy ways to help clients move forward with their diet and health that takes into account all variables, all aspects of their personhood... Sometimes this includes nutritonal therapy and sometimes it does not! So is nutritional detox or therapy a bad idea? I’m sure you can see it depends on the energy driving the person considering it. There is a place for anything given the right circumstances.   I am wishing you a beautiful transition into the Spring season.  And for eaters of all kinds, remember lemon water, leafy greens, turmeric, cayenne pepper, beets, and garlic all have medicinal qualities for the season.  Add a couple in when you are able as a peace offering to the body!  
As always, with love,
Ready to dive in?

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