What any solid nutritional plan should do (3 things)

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I've got three simple criteria I believe any sound nutritional plan should do: The first... Take ALL of you into account (You are not a robot, you have preference, circumstances, relationships, wounds, blind-spots, and strengths...) Second... Help you feel better in a multi-layered way (Not only work to vitalize your body, but uplift and relax your mind, and offer comfort and care to your emotional world surrounding eating) And third... Push a worthwhile edge. ("Edge" being a threshold with an evolutionary agenda...something to help you grow or deepen or wise up...)       I KNOW the field of nutritional science can be pretty dry when focused on nutrient- content alone, so I've found these to be invaluable guide posts. If we are working together, know these are the areas I am always tracking and attuning to, what really gets the job done. And if you're currently doing something that does not sustain you or does not seem to "work," check and see if one of my three ingredients is missing...   Share below:  Have you tried any type of diet or way of eating that just did not work for you?  What do you attribute that to?   With love and respect,


Must-have eating qualities for women

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A diet upgrade worth making

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There's one nutritional practice that seems to be one of the most psychologically friendly for most people.

An insiders look at what your eating reveals

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Last Thursday around 7:30pm Ava* stood in her kitchen and, using the edge of her thumb nail to cut open the adhesive labeling on the packaging,  pulled one gluten-free oatmeal cookie out of it's neatly arranged row of six, tore off a bit-sized piece, popped it in her mouth, and enjoyed a few blissful chews.

5 Must-have Eating Traits

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Well last month, the real thick of the extraverted summer season was just that. Very full. Much in my personal life and also projects for Real Food Wellness. One of the projects I took on was scheduling a photo shoot with fine arts photographer and dear friend, Teri, to update some pictures on my website.

Are you a "foodie?" Find out here

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Do you consider yourself a foodie? It seems to me there's a sub-set of souls who are tried and true "foodies" with a particular taste for the best the culinary world has to offer.

A Sane Summer Eating Plan

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Reflections at 35

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Last month I celebrated my 35th birthday.

Your Nutritional Selves

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Eating to the point of energy (explained)

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A question for you: At any given meal, what tells you your eating is complete?