Embodied Exercise

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I find the more deeply connected a woman is to her body, the more positively her body and soul respond to movement and exercise. Her mood improves, she feels more alive, her cells and tissues are oxygenated, and her awareness is tuned in to the present moment and the miracle of her own living, breathing body.

2020: Here's what's missing in diets

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Happy New Year! I hope you have a gentle entry into the first few days of 2020 as well as a little time to consider how you'd like to feel this year. Physical & emotional resilience might be high on your list of empowering goals.

2019 Wrap-Up & Reflections

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As usual this time of year, rather than write a typical post, I set aside a little time for reflections both personally and professionally as Real Food Wellness rounds out another year.

The largest immune system organ in your body

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For as much as we collectively love to focus or fixate on the body, you'd be surprised how little people actually know about their body works. The human body is truly amazing! Consider the autonomic nervous system that operates without your own conscious will, regulating respiration, the beating of your heart, and the digestion and elimination of the food you eat. (No one needs to consciously will their esophagus to contract to move food down into their stomach).

How your eating affects your loved ones

Caring about nutrition and eating can easily get dismissed as self-absorbed, not important, or something similar when there are people like your partner, family, children or social causes that may need you in some way. Though overly focusing on perfecting the diet can point to a life that lacks some dimension, writing off any self-care as overly indulgent is in no way the solution.

Body Care for the Month

Friends, Fall marks the seasonal shift from hot and humid to hot and dry. To support the body:

One major (and disorienting) teacher in my life...

A couple years ago I started sharing a personal story in a shadow psychology workshop I'd been teaching because of it's relevance to the class content... The story starts something like this: In 2012, just starting a yoga teacher training, an old injury near my right shoulder blade started flaring up out of nowhere. No matter how focused I was on proper alignment, the pain wouldn't subside so I hired a yoga therapist to help me.

The Ketogenic Diet & Personal Power

One of my clients was sharing an experience she had at a wedding she went to. During the cocktail hour a friend of hers refused to eat the baby carrots and cucumbers set out as hors d'oeuvres and instead pulled a small baggy filled with meat slices out of her purse. Why this “inconspicuous” baggy of meat do you ask? No, she wasn’t faithfully supplementing a major iron deficiency. She brought the bag of meat because she was pre-occupied with her body weight (reported by my client) and was following a ketogenic diet, diligently tracking her 20 net carbs or less.

How to tell if your eating is supportive

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On the path to a healthy relationship with diet and food, it’s common to fanaticize about what eating will finally be like… “…when I never overeat, have too much sugar, eat out of boredom, or eat any of the “bad stuff.” But the fantasy of “never again” often falls flat. (Ask anyone who swears off a bunch of things related to eating). Here's a more indicative marker of a strong and healthy relationship with diet and food:

Under-eating? Here's one way to really tell

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A client, I'll call Keri, reported her ongoing frustration with her near daily snacking habit of walking right into the kitchen after work, shoes, coat, and purse still in tow. Pulling cupboard doors open, she'd grab a bag of organic tortilla chips, a bag of trail mix, and take a half eaten container of salsa out of the fridge. Standing at the counter sorting through bills and sifting through random recipes she'd laid out earlier, she dug into her chosen snacks and ate...a lot. (AKA, not just a few chips and a handful of trail mix) She described it as having "a whole dinner before dinner."