How to digest the year (and a year-end gift)

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It's about this time of year that I (very slowly) start contemplating the past 11 months. You might warm to the idea of contemplating the year, too, taking note of its' headlining qualities and overall feeling. Some headliner features are easy and obvious to pinpoint, like changes of residence, a loss in the family, a change in relationship, changes in the political climate, a promotion or big trip.

Eating Quiz: Do you need more structure or soul? (Part Two)

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Today, in Part Two, we are focusing on the signs and symptoms of inadequate soul demonstrated in eating. (You find Part One on Structure here) When we say something like “she’s got soul,” we know what we mean. In some ways we’re saying, although indirectly, she’s got substance, there’s depth there, there’s feeling there, this is a flesh and blood woman right here in front of me.

Eating Quiz: Do you need more structure or soul? (Part One)

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Today, in Part One, we are focusing on the signs and symptoms of inadequate structure in eating. The word structure can kick up resistance. Why?

The work worth doing (that you'll likely resist)

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Last weekend I taught an edgy workshop in Grand Rapids on the shadow aspect of the psyche. The content, although fascinating, is not so flowery and sweet. No one walked out on me, though, so a good sign :) A little humor and self-disclosure goes a long way!

Ready to get things in order?

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Fall brings an often palpable tug to "get things in order," to re-commit to things that appropriately fell to the wayside during summer months. A sort of "hunker down" or "hone in" energy... Do you experience this, too?

Exciting News

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A couple weeks ago you read my light-hearted story about cupcakes, weight loss, and the crazy contradictions many a women find themselves in and upcoming news that I continue to deepen this work in supporting the healing process of clients. I am delighted to share that I'm nearing the final stretch towards my professional certification training in the, now evidence-based, Internal Family Systems therapy model.

Cupcakes, weight loss, and the real healing agent

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A handful of weeks ago, my beloved Michael, walked into the kitchen to warm up his morning coffee, leaned on the kitchen counter behind him, and casually said, “I think I’m gaining weight.” Looking up from my laptop from the adjoined room, I asked, “Hmm, how do you know?” “Well, my pants are tight. My shirts are getting too tight to button.” Matching his energy I followed up with, “Is there anything you notice you’ve been doing differently over the last handful of months, sweetheart?” He paused to think.

Improve your tastebud IQ

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When I was 17 I loved indulging my taste for unique clothing.  I loved wearing my long sweaters lined with dark purple faux fur and snakeskin pants (also fake) from the tiny clothing store I worked at at the time.   Sometimes I'd sift through my mom's closet to find some piece she had from the 70s and pair it with something in my own closet. My taste for the unique is still with me today as I treasure my less duplicatable handmade jewelry from South America, a beautiful gold and citrine ring that was my great grandmother Laura Ruiz's, and beautiful objects I've acquired during travel.

A Healthy Spirit & the Will to Keep Going

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The late maestra curandera, Elena Avila, stressed the importance of cultivating a strong spirit..."the envelope of the soul," she calls it. Without a strong and resilient spirit we can feel stuck, powerless, and like victims in our lives. These are often the times we may be unable to find a way forward or aren't able to quite see a new opening or possibility yet.

One question that builds self-care confidence

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I'm just back from a beautiful and impactful long weekend in Albuquerque, NM studying indigenous healing practices of the Americas. IMG_4338 Here I am during one of my breaks, at Masks y Mas, one of those "must visit" places in the Knob Hill district. True to the name, they have all sorts of Mexican masks, but much, much more :)