On Healing the Split

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The eating psychology context is this: There you are eating “clean” by day, and stuffing the body with food by night. Or perhaps you live out the “clean” side for weeks or months, then you flip to the other side for a while. Or you've got it together most of the day, then at 4pm you're a different person. You're off the plan. The assumption is that severing off the bad habits via a new diet, a new gym, a new resolution, etc will finally rid you of your troubles. The problem is, in many cases, it doesn’t work.

Movement Resources

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I think more and more people are really getting that caring for their body "at home" will look and feel much different than having our past resources and routines (the gym, bodywork, group classes, etc...) Movement and exercise is known to improve body image, alter body composition, strengthen the muscles and bones, improve confidence, contribute to positive feelings (thanks to endorphins), and help people feel more connected to their body. 

Disordered to Optimal Eating

Over the years I've witnessed a wiiiiiide spectrum of health and eating habits. Just think about your own eating over the years and you might have your own glimpse of some variations. Now imagine working with people for 11 years! I've noticed a lot. Below you'll find the two sides of the spectrum of eating habits and the workable places in between.  See where you land these days (and where you're headed...yes even now).

3 Nutritional "Red Flags"

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I've been sitting with notes, powerpoint slides, and my many binders getting ready to facilitate an eating psychology retreat/workshop next weekend (now postponed to a later date in an effort care for our larger community) One thing I've been taking a look at, as sort of a social study in preparation for the event, is current diet/fitness/nutrition "influencers" and products on Instagram. I think I lasted about 20 minutes before I was ready to throw my phone at the wall :)

Mono-diets & eating psychology

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My mom had once told me that when she was a girl and my grandfather Ernesto was sick, he would eat a diet of only fresh fruit, an easily digestible and high-energy food, for a few days so his body could focus on healing. Many years later, when I was in New Mexico studying with Rita Navarette, a traditional Mexican curandera (healer) she suggested that it can be healing to have a mono-diet of fresh melon one day per week to rest the digestive organs. I smiled and immediately thought my grandfather.

Bloating FAQ

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Oh the miraculous, ever-wise, and complicated belly! Was there ever another area of the body that caused such collective confusion and judgment? If you have biological children, you know first-hand the mystery and wisdom of the middle-area of the body having carried a baby for 9 months of your life. And if you've ever, um, eaten food, then you also know that the belly region has it's own moods and fluctuations, and some interesting shape-shifting qualities!

Embodied Exercise

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I find the more deeply connected a woman is to her body, the more positively her body and soul respond to movement and exercise. Her mood improves, she feels more alive, her cells and tissues are oxygenated, and her awareness is tuned in to the present moment and the miracle of her own living, breathing body.

2020: Here's what's missing in diets

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Happy New Year! I hope you have a gentle entry into the first few days of 2020 as well as a little time to consider how you'd like to feel this year. Physical & emotional resilience might be high on your list of empowering goals.

2019 Wrap-Up & Reflections

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As usual this time of year, rather than write a typical post, I set aside a little time for reflections both personally and professionally as Real Food Wellness rounds out another year.

The largest immune system organ in your body

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For as much as we collectively love to focus or fixate on the body, you'd be surprised how little people actually know about their body works. The human body is truly amazing! Consider the autonomic nervous system that operates without your own conscious will, regulating respiration, the beating of your heart, and the digestion and elimination of the food you eat. (No one needs to consciously will their esophagus to contract to move food down into their stomach).