Are you a "foodie?" Find out here

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Do you consider yourself a foodie? It seems to me there's a sub-set of souls who are tried and true "foodies" with a particular taste for the best the culinary world has to offer.

A Sane Summer Eating Plan

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Reflections at 35

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Last month I celebrated my 35th birthday.

Your Nutritional Selves

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Eating to the point of energy (explained)

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A question for you: At any given meal, what tells you your eating is complete?

How to work with body weight

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Do you have any best guesses as to what impacts body weight? Insulin sensitivity? Genes? Something else? I find that for many women who want to increase their sense of confidence around eating, one very affirming avenue is through strengthening their understanding of what really impacts body weight.

Nutritional Therapies Worth Trying

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4 legit practices for better digestion

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When it comes to physical symptoms, I've noticed many of us can tend to have a vulnerable spot - a place where symptoms often manifest, while other systems of the body seem to stay relatively unfazed.

The Willpower Fallacy

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Do you eat for long-term or short-term pleasure?

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When it comes to eating for pleasure, it's important to be aware of these distinctions: Short-term pleasureable eating, versus Long-term pleasureable eating Carving out room for both allows us a nice balance between nutritional spontaneity (what do I feel like having?) and longer-term self care practices (what will help me feel well in the long-run?)