Do you agree with my list? (What most people truthfully want)

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Underneath the desire for toned and lean bodies and perfectly executed paleo, keto, vegan, or whole foods diets, there’s the actual truth of what people really want…

After many conversations in this work, I’ve distilled the essence down into a short list of themes that present again and again.

Most people want one or more of the following:


  • To take care of their body nutritionally and feed themselves well, improving the quality of and attentiveness to their diet
  • To have pleasurable and celebratory food (considered non-nutritious) when they’d like
  • To stop ping pong-ing between the two with all-or-nothing thinking or chronic dieting patterns (restrict-revolt-repeat)
  • To maintain a healthy body weight and reduce unwanted physical symptoms
  • To eat, and then move on with their life


Though the details vary from person to person, these are the common themes that arise.

I also find so many many of us (rightfully so) want to feel safe, a sense of belonging, love, and fulfillment and these also can make themselves known through our eating and self-care goals.

The sooner you’re able to name and give voice to what you ultimately want in relationship to eating, the sooner we can creatively help you make the wisest moves in that direction…


With love and respect,

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