Do you know the 3 Reasons Body Image is so Complicated? (Plus BIG news!)

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Body Image can run the show for so many of us. How we feel about our bodies can affect how we nourish ourselves, how we exercise, how we interact with others, and what we feel we are deserving of.


3 Reasons why Body Image is so Complicated (notes)

1.) Desire Paradox: We want two things at the same time: Being happy in our bodies now and wanting our bodies to be different in order to be happy with them

2.) Body image trumps nutrition: How we feel about our bodies transcends doing all the “right” nutritional strategies.  I know plenty of women who drink the green juice, practice yoga, run, lift weights, or detox and are still not happy with their bodies.

3.) The food/body image cycle: A poor body image will inevitably lead to a complicated relationship with food. Being unhappy with the body leads to manipulation of the diet for many women. Eventually, the pursuit of a better relationship with food brings the eater face-to-face with her body dissatisfaction once again.


Why this should matter to you

Collectively, we are VERY distracted by our bodies. Much of our mental time is delegated to comparing, criticizing, planning, and figuring out how to change it.

Don’t you believe there is more to your life than living in this limited place?

I used to watch my diet meticulously, compulsively exercise, and was either trying to lose weight, or if I did manage to change my body, I was living in anxiety of whether or not I could maintain it. It is no way to live. And I am happy to say I am the type of woman that was able to release that stressful way of being entirely (and ironically drop the stress weight my frame was holding onto.)

Later this month I will be opening enrollment for my NEW 6-Week ONLINE Program, Empower Your Eating: 6 Weeks to a Hot & Healthy Body Image, and teach you how to do the same.  I couldn’t be happier!



Why this is game-changing work

Everything you think you know about the attainment of health, weight loss, and a better body image will be challenged. By completing this program, you will be several steps ahead of our modern health curve and learn the deeper psychology of body image, eating, and what it really takes to feel good in your body.

I’d love for you to imagine:

  • Feeling way better seeing your naked body – a definite confidence booster!
  • Your body releasing any stress weight you’ve created
  • The enjoyment of adornment, getting dressed, and trying on clothes
  • There being no such thing as a “good” or “bad” eating day (I’m serious)
  • Eating with gusto, pleasure, and trust
  • Releasing the body comparison game when you walk into a room
  • Taking a pro-active role in radical self-care in a way that feels great for you
  • Kissing “control” and “willpower” good-bye yet getting far more sustainable results
  • Enjoying the permission and pleasure of both green smoothies and exercise as well as chocolate and napping, minus the harsh inner critic

All the official program details and dates will be released the the 15th of March along with the first official day to register. So be on the lookout for that!

Until then!

Laura <3

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Comments (2)
Tanya Mar 1, 2014

I love that you're talking about the complexities of body image. I really struggle with that...especially what you mentioned in #2. When you feel like you're doing all the 'right' things, but still feel like it's not reflected in your body. How DO you accept who you are right now? I'm still trying to figure that out. Excited to hear more details about your online course. Sounds really intriguing. Congrats!
Laura Burkett Mar 15, 2014

Tanya! Thanks so much for your comment - #2 is a killer! I think that's where most of us get frustrated. We have a hard time taking care of ourselves for the sake of it being a kind thing to do. We usually are waiting for our "payoff." If the course resonated for you, I'd love to have you join us. Either way, it's great to hear from you Tanya! xo Laura
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