Do you reach for the quick-fix?

Jul 14, 2020 | Tags : body image, burn fat, weight loss, | No Comments

I know the allure of the quick-fix.

Just a three-day juice fast or a bout of intermittent fasting…

How about zero carbohydrates for a week or two, “just to jumpstart things?”


Here’s my summer reminder:

Quick fixes often provide fast, but temporary change. They generally don’t teach a person how to eat or live creatively, only how to follow a set of rules for a short amount of time.


Though a 3-day “reboot” might have it’s place, here are some larger benchmark eating psych questions:

  • Does my eating often reflect doing or planning quick-fix approaches? (Does this seem natural to me?)
  • Does this style of eating contribute to my mental or emotional distress?
  • If I was taught how I could reach my goals in a sustainable way, without the “go big, or go home” attitude, would I do it?


It’s time to bid farewell to the burdensome week-long stints that teach you nothing and learn more about your body and metabolism than ever before!  No matter where you find yourself, I have full faith in what’s possible.


With love & respect,

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