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Despite your knowledge about nutrition and health, are you still struggling with stubborn weight, a puffy bloated belly, overeating, or nutritional confusion? Are you using way more brainpower than you’d like focusing on food, your weight, and your body?

Ready to finally trust yourself and your body and celebrate eating again?

“Love your newsletters! The information is always relevant and thought provoking. Helps to keep me on track. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.” – Rhonda M.

“What you present each time you write is honest and real. There isn’t a diet pill out there or any other counselor that I’ve met that acknowledges ALL aspects of being a human…”
– Jeri M.

I don’t always have the opportunity to read all of your emails or your blog but when I do, I am encouraged. Thank you for your passion and heart for this work that you have dedicated your life to. When I read your words I hear your voice in your kind and gracious heart. Thanks Laura!
- Brenda

“So beautifully stated! I just love these newsletter and just forwarded to two friends!”
– Julie G.

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