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Initial Consultation: 60 minutes $150*

All clients begin with an initial consultation. Clients first submit a detailed intake questionnaire prior to meeting that I review before our time. During our scheduled time together, we make a heartfelt connection, explore your primary concerns, important parts of your personal biography, your daily lifestyle and eating habits, and clarify what is ultimately most important to you in this work together.  When appropriate, I also give you your first course of action to begin our work right away.

Single sessions: $150



3 Month Kick-starter w/Laura *

The 3 month program addresses your primary concern head on.  My support includes 6 bi-weekly sessions tailored to your specific needs and desired outcomes.  In addition to the sessions themselves, our ongoing relationship during the program is part of the therapeutic process.

6 Month Intensive w/Laura*

The 6 month Intensive is for those who are ready to commit to long-term changes. This block of time gives us more space to explore nutritional, emotional, and habitual concerns more deeply. Many of my clients who are working with multiple concerns, do well with this time commitment. This program includes 12 bi-weekly sessions and additional forms of support tailored to your needs based on our initial session together.  In addition to the sessions themselves, our ongoing relationship during the program is part of the therapeutic process.

payment options/plans available, just ask



Online Study

Empower Your Eating: 6 Weeks to a Hot & Healthy Body Image

Finally get the eating and body image education you never got when you were younger.  Empower your Eating is a 6-week online program that teaches the psychology of healthy body image and nutritional freedom.  For any health-conscious woman that still finds herself struggling and longs to feel more confident and free and enjoys study at-home study at her convenience.  Details here.



*Cancellation Policy: Individual appointments are scheduled for a specific time. You will be charged 100% for missed individual appointments unless Laura is notified of cancellation at least 24 hours (business day)  in advance, unless cases of emergency.

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