2018 Reflections & Pictures

Dec 2, 2018 | Tags: holidays, New Year, psychoshamanism, | No Comments

Here we are again.

The year is coming to a close as we find ourselves in this final month of 2018.

I’ve made it a ritual the past several years to carve out time to sit and reflect on what’s happened the past year and share a few highlights with you from RFW headquarters.

So let’s get to it.

In no particular order, some highlights and reflections from the year… (more…)

10 practices for a calm nervous system

Nov 15, 2018 | Tags: holidays, | No Comments

It’s that time again…

With the increase of dry and cold this season, it’s a good time to take extra special care of your nervous system.


Sugar: External vs Internal considerations

Oct 31, 2018 | Tags: holidays, | No Comments

A week or two ago, I was walking through the grocery store and slowed to eyeball some of the adult Halloween costumes on display.

My eyes scanned and slowed to focus on one particular costume…

A ketchup packet costume.

(Yes, like a packet you might get at a fast food restaurant)

Picture this: (more…)

2017 wrap up & why I’ve been laying low

Dec 17, 2017 | Tags: holidays, New Year, | No Comments

Every year I set aside a bit of time over the course of a week or two to read through journal entries from the year, look at pictures I’ve taken, and spend some time acknowledging what’s been happening over the past 12 months. (more…)

How to digest the year (and a year-end gift)

Dec 1, 2017 | Tags: holidays, New Year, | No Comments

It’s about this time of year that I (very slowly) start contemplating the past 11 months.

You might warm to the idea of contemplating the year, too, taking note of its’ headlining qualities and overall feeling.

Some headliner features are easy and obvious to pinpoint, like changes of residence, a loss in the family, a change in relationship, changes in the political climate, a promotion or big trip. (more…)

A Personal Share & Your Challenge for 2017

Dec 15, 2016 | Tags: holidays, New Year, | No Comments

As I’ve been reflecting on 2016, it seems it has been a steady year at Real Food Wellness. (more…)

2015 Year-End Reflections

Dec 15, 2015 | Tags: Feminine Practice, holidays, | 2 Comments

This past Saturday was my final workshop for the year, teaching part IV of my Fall series, The Healthy Woman. For a portion of our time together, we explored the need for ritual containers in our lives.

One of my favorite year-end rituals is sorting through my past journal entries from the year, looking at social media posts, and skimming through my google calendar.

What happened this year? What felt significant? What did I celebrate? What pushed me to my edges? (more…)

Keep immunity strong with these 9 gut-boosting tips

Nov 2, 2015 | Tags: digestion, holidays, simple strategies, | 2 Comments

I’m back from Peru for the 2nd time this year. My decision to attend a this most recent workshop (Jungian Psychology & Amazonian Shamanism in Synthesis) was actually a surprise to me as I made the decision to go 2 weeks prior to it!

I had an incredibly enriching experience that I will continue to integrate into my life and my counseling practice.

And the food! (more…)

5 Habits of Savvy Eaters

Mar 29, 2015 | Tags: holidays, metabolism, simple strategies, | No Comments

Not long ago I returned from a pilgrimage of sorts for a Jungian psychology workshop/conference in the Peruvian Amazon.

It was a big trip for me. Not only did I have the opportunity to spend time with gifted teachers/healers, but I also faced the edges of my own perceived limitations, surpassed them, and was able to connect with a strength and resiliency that I hold so dear in my heart. (more…)

I’ve been waiting a year for this!

On Saturday I taught the final module of my 4-month workshop series, The Healthy Woman.

During this workshop, we discussed the importance of the Spiritual Body, the psychology behind cleansing and fasting, and how the concept of symbolic substitutes and sacred rituals informs our relationship with eating, health, and body image.

Running parallel to the class themes this past weekend, I thought I’d share a personal ritual I have been engaging in all year and invite you, if you feel inspired, to create something that feels special for you. (more…)

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