What any solid nutritional plan should do (3 things)

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I’ve got three simple criteria I believe any sound nutritional plan should do:

The first… (more…)

A diet upgrade worth making

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There’s one nutritional practice that seems to be one of the most psychologically friendly for most people. (more…)

Improve your tastebud IQ

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When I was 17 I loved indulging my taste for unique clothing.  I loved wearing my long sweaters lined with dark purple faux fur and snakeskin pants (also fake) from the tiny clothing store I worked at at the time.   Sometimes I’d sift through my mom’s closet to find some piece she had from the 70s and pair it with something in my own closet.

My taste for the unique is still with me today as I treasure my less duplicatable handmade jewelry from South America, a beautiful gold and citrine ring that was my great grandmother Laura Ruiz’s, and beautiful objects I’ve acquired during travel. (more…)

Here are The Course Details!

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Empower Your Eating: 6 Weeks to a Hot & Healthy Body Image, is a 6-Week online home-study program that I will personally be guiding (for the 5th and final year), designed for women who are ready to learn the counter-intuitive skills for a healthy body image and healthy body weight (in a cost-efficient, time-efficient format) (more…)

My Personal Winter Meal Plan

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I often do not discuss my personal eating habits, as I want to encourage both readers and clients to have a clean mental slate when it comes to their personal diet.

I do not expect people to eat the same way I do and visa versa. (more…)

Your Fall Menu is here!

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As the amount of darkness increases each day, we have the opportunity to align our eating habits and self-care practices with Fall. (more…)

10 Ways to Make Eating an Art Form

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Have you ever timed how long it takes you to get through a meal? Try it as an experiment. You may be shocked. 5 minutes? 10 minutes? 60 minutes? If it takes you an hour to get through a meal (not at a restaurant) than this post may not be for you today. For everyone else that feels a sense of anxiety or urgency that accompanies a text-less, phone-less, distraction-less, slow meal, read on. (more…)

Eating for a Clear Mind

Apr 30, 2013 | Tags: nutrition, simple strategies, | 3 Comments

When I started studying nutrition professionally in 2008, I remember feeling blown away when I was introduced to the energetic power of food. For years I had looked at nutrition only in terms of calories and macronutrient (carb/protein/fat) ratios. I wanted to know how these would affect my body weight and didn’t go much further than that.

Learning how to look at food from an energetic perspective felt inaccessible in the beginning, so I kept it pretty simple. In many instances this was as intuitive as grounding myself with roots, getting focused with protein, and releasing tension with raw fruit. This was just one step in shifting into a far more supportive relationship with food. (more…)

Love Your Liver with these 4 Foods

Apr 10, 2013 | Tags: Detox, digestion, nutrition, | 2 Comments

Today, let’s hang in some Left Brain Wisdom and examine some ancient seasonal wisdom to give the liver a little TLC (our organs need a little love, too!)

In ancient Chinese medicine, each season is governed by two different interrelated organs in the body.  Spring is governed by the liver and gallbladder.  Today we’ll focus specifically on the liver.   (more…)

Is it time for a grain-free diet?

Mar 31, 2013 | Tags: food allergies, nutrition, weight loss, | 4 Comments

I often raise an eyebrow when a new dietary theory makes one swift blanket statement about “devil-like” foods, using scare tactics. Maybe it’s just me, but this can cause food anxiety to slowly creep in. Don’t get me wrong, there are some foods that every person would do well without (transfats, white sugar, etc) but even then, most of the time it is the dose that makes the poison. Sometimes we just need to relax.

There are nuggets of wisdom in all dietary protocols.

Every theory has its take away point. Take a no-fat diet or the no carb-diet, for example. These are examples of interesting and potentially healing theories gone a bit extreme. For most health-conscious people, being so strict is unnecessary. There are of course, special exceptions…

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