What to Expect

What to Expect

You can expect us to work directly with your main health concerns and draw on the wisdom of your past and current life situations to address your health from an integrative, holistic perspective.

My clients are a handful of very special women that I am 100% committed to. My one-on-one sessions are my highest level of support (yes, that means I think about you when I’m on my daily walks) so you can expect me at my best as a supporter, food mentor, and teacher.

Our work can run deep and can also be light-hearted and fun. I want you to achieve your personal goals as much as you do and help guide you the most effective ways I know how.

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What Sessions Will Be Like

An initial session is an hour in length and is an in-depth discussion about your main health concerns, what you’d like to see happen for your health and your life, and what has you feeling “stuck” these days. It is important we establish a firm sense of trust and rapport in our first session and we begin with actionable steps by the end of our first session.

The length of time that I meet with clients varies per client although many of my clients fall between the 6-12 sessions range, some working far beyond that and many scheduling regular “maintenance” sessions throughout the year. In the beginning of our work together, sessions are typically scheduled closer together to build some momentum. As time progressed we discuss spacing sessions out as we see fit. All sessions are an hour in length.

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