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Greetings friends!  Below you’ll find some questions that have been arising regarding heath & eating psychology related concerns and remote sessions. Feel free to read them all or skip ahead to what interests you most.



What basics can I implement in order to keep well and healthy?

How we care for ourselves when there is an adjustment we’re going through might be a little different (at least in the beginning) than our usual routines. As far as the basics go:

  • Have a large quart of water nearby always, either plain, or with lemon or lime in it, and stay hydrated throughout the day.
  • Try and go for a walk most days if you can and enjoy the fresh air (I am convinced that the availability of the great outdoors could make nature mystics of us all)
  • Have easy-to-grab nutritious food in your home like fruit, nut butter, hard-boiled eggs, or a big pot of lentils and rice in your fridge.
  • If cooking feels like too much some days, focus on assembling something healthy. Keep some grainy bread (there are hundreds of varieties, some that don’t even include grains) in your freezer and become a master sandwich artist.
  • Serious snoozing – sleep is the great regenerator
  • Designate a window of time (rather than all day) for the news.  I mean it.
  • Take time to enjoy eating.  You likely have more time to enjoy yourself and anything truly enjoyable is good for your health (read poems aloud, listen to world music, watch the sunrise…amp it up with your presence)
  • Know what helps you reduce stress in your body and do that. You can do push-ups to flush cortisol in the body. Practice therapeutic breathing techniques and yoga. Now is a good time to learn how to learn how to meditate if don’t yet practice.  Even the initial inertia during stress or an adjustment can be mobilized by your own simple acts of care. Our acts create the world <3



If I have a complicated relationship with food, have ongoing concerns about my weight, and am getting nervous about restrictions to the gym…

I so get this.  All of a sudden what you’re used to is really different.  But also think about what you might be used to by reading the following scenario: Wake up and go to the gym determined to start the day well, have a small salad for lunch and coffee to ward off excessive hunger, get very hungry by 4pm and eat too many cookies, come home feeling defeated about the cookies and overeat at dinner, have wine, and go to bed full, wake up and head to the gym determined to start the day off right. In this scenario it would make sense that not having access to the usual gym amenities would make someone nervous, especially if the gym is the primary way you try and “make up for” eating food.  Of course what would seem like an easy solution would be working out at home with the same intent to make up for some ongoing “mistakes” with your eating.  But, c’mon, isn’t it time get out of this pattern anyways and not reinforce this cycle at home?

Because our usual routines are different right now, there’s a real opportunity to do great work here, understanding how to eat in a way that is sane and balanced.  This means learning how to finally set things up with your eating in a way that reduces overeating patterns in the first place. This helps lift the burden placed on exercise and helps you enjoy yourself more when you do decide to workout.  With more time at home, you have a fresh opportunity to notice what your body needs versus what you want it to need. Paying attention to the body teaches us a great deal about regulating eating naturally.  This would be a wonderful first place to start.  If you anticipate that the fear or concerns you have about your weight will get in the way of paying attention to your body in the first place, it might be helpful to connect with me or someone you trust that works with eating and weight-related concerns.



Ack! Stress and/or anxiety is affecting my eating habits negatively…

There are two things to consider here.  One, caring for anxiety.  And two, availability of certain foods.  Because I do not know whose eyes these words fall upon, I can’t tell you indefinitely what will help with anxious states.  But I can offer some glimpses into what can help others.  Depending on your wiring, regulating anxiety may be a physical intervention like a long walk in nature, doing restorative yoga, or drinking something very alkaline.  Regulating anxiety may look like working directly with concerns by way of journaling practices or by working with a professional to support you in processing and being with your fears in a grounded and loving way.  Regulating anxiety in certain cases can also simply look like “changing the channel” – doing something else entirely to shift the state of the mind or reading something that gives the deeper sides of life more context like mythic tales.  Some people notice their anxiety reduces when creating loose plans for the future.  Others notice practicing full presence, and navigating things one day at a time brings more balance.  And some find that spiritual practice offers a more spacious state of mind and an expanded ability to hold the rolling waves.  Regulating anxiety is truly self-care at it’s finest and calls upon inner resources we both knew, and didn’t know we had.

The availability of certain foods is the second thing to consider and may or may not be as easily workable depending on family life at home.  I don’t have to tell you if there are candy bars in a bowl on the counter or fruit in a bowl on the counter, you’ll likely eat what’s on the counter. Also, food with “no end” like your kids’ cereal and trail mix are easier to overeat than an apple with almond butter.  This is the more practical side of things to consider.



How do I make the most of one-on-one remote sessions?

Since sessions are all remote now for the time being, it is time to create a new ritual, (rather than the ritual of driving to appointments) and find a private enough area to meet, maybe with hot tea and notebook in hand, and settle in for our time together from home.  This will likely be the new norm for a little while <3  So far, so good. If you have any questions, reach me here. 


Okay my friends – whew – a lot packed in here!  I hope it offered something helpful for you.  Until next time, hunker down! (which my prediction will be the “phrase of the year”)

Lots of love,

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