20 Signs it May Be Time To Boost Your Body Image & Empower Your Eating

Apr 30, 2012 | Tags: body image, weight, | No Comments

#1 You have books, charts, recipes, articles galore…and find that all this information actually isn’t helping you get the body that you want or feel better in the body you have.

#2 Your choices about food are dictated by the numbers on the scale rather than signals like hunger and appetite.

#3 You have dwindled the highly complex process of metabolism down to mere “calories in/Calories out.” (more…)

Are your eating habits actually problem?

Apr 28, 2012 | Tags: eating psychology, | No Comments

Okay, so what’s on your “naughty list?”

Most people have a few things that they eat that they feel they shouldn’t be eating. What does that look like for you? Is it pizza or potato chips? Cookies or brownies? Did you have some of your kids French fries? Did you have a slice of cheese even though you are striving toward veganism? Did you eat past 7pm? Did you eat gluten? (more…)

Documentaries for a Rainy Spring Day

Apr 17, 2012 | Tags: Education, | No Comments

Alarming. Educational. Empowering. Inspirational.

Check out the following documentaries beyond the ever-popular Food Inc and SuperSize Me. Some may be familiar. Some may be new. All worth a view. (more…)

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