Why I’ve gone Gluten-Free

Aug 30, 2012 | Tags: food allergies, nutrition, | No Comments

Still confused or annoyed about the whole gluten thing?

I’m excited you’re here reading today. Today’s blog is particularly special and a bit of a different flavor as I’ve drawn on some expert resources in my holistic nutrition circle to help bring you clarity.

I’ve personally have a history of getting on and off the gluten-free bandwagon, sometimes having diligently committed to gluten-free living and other times just having gone gluten-free when it was convenient. (more…)

4 Secrets of Happy Women

Happy women keep it real. They are authentic, powerful, soft, feminine, fierce, and vulnerable. As women continue the journey of fully integrating all parts of themselves, they unwittingly regulate their appetites, fire up their metabolism, turn to food less, and say “yes” to life more! (more…)

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