Fire up Your Metabolism. Here’s how.

Sep 30, 2012 | Tags: eating psychology, metabolism, | No Comments

Last week I spent my weekend at an Eating Psychology Symposium in Boulder, CO with some of my favorite people. The weekend brought depth, laughter, sass (a lot of F-Bombs), and a huge gust of wind into my life and my work in this field. So awesome.

Each presenter, although very different, boldly, sweetly, and unapologetically showed up as himself or herself.
Many expressed personal stories combined with professional experience. Some hung out in scientific research and others comfortably accessed right-brained wisdom and connection to Source. I witnessed the strength of collaboration and the power in standing alone in one’s own vulnerability. And I certainly felt the impact of community, how we have the power to raise one another up, and “regulate each others’ metabolism.” (more…)

What’s wrong with this picture? Test your Metabolic IQ.

It’s quiz time!

If you ever forget to eat, are too busy to eat, or try and eat “less” early in the day, this one’s for you. Take a look at Cathy’s typical eating schedule versus Rachel’s and see if you can pinpoint the trouble areas versus power areas. (more…)

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