Relieve Bloating with these 8 Strategies

Oct 31, 2012 | Tags: digestion, | No Comments

Do you consider yourself a sensitive woman with sensitive digestion? Labeling yourself as a “sensitive woman” is a bit redundant, as being a woman makes you sensitive by nature. Whether we like it or not, we feel our feelings deeply.

This is why I am convinced so many women struggle with bloating and digestion issues so much. Being naturally sensitive also means we can be sensitive to the food we ingest as well as the state we ingest it in.

I personally know how distracting and uncomfortable it can be to deal with a bloated, distended belly (I’ve certainly worn my share of “flowy” tops) and am sharing a handful of strategies with you that have proven to be effective for myself and for my clients. (more…)

The key to making rock-solid food choices

It was a gray and rainy weekend here in Michigan. Instead of meeting for our typical morning walk, my good friend Stacy and I met for breakfast at a local favorite, Cherie Inn. The menu was filled with decadent pancakes and French toast, hearty omelets, specialty coffees, and a nice a la carte menu to boot. But what to order? (more…)

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