Is it time for a grain-free diet?

Mar 31, 2013 | Tags: food allergies, nutrition, weight loss, | 4 Comments

I often raise an eyebrow when a new dietary theory makes one swift blanket statement about “devil-like” foods, using scare tactics. Maybe it’s just me, but this can cause food anxiety to slowly creep in. Don’t get me wrong, there are some foods that every person would do well without (transfats, white sugar, etc) but even then, most of the time it is the dose that makes the poison. Sometimes we just need to relax.

There are nuggets of wisdom in all dietary protocols.

Every theory has its take away point. Take a no-fat diet or the no carb-diet, for example. These are examples of interesting and potentially healing theories gone a bit extreme. For most health-conscious people, being so strict is unnecessary. There are of course, special exceptions…

6 Cleansing Rituals for Spring

Mar 14, 2013 | Tags: Detox, simple strategies, | No Comments

Have you been feeling an inner shift with the extra sunshine? Here in west Michigan, the birds have been chirping and we have already experienced a couple of lovely days near 50 degrees (followed by some snowy days, of course…it’s Michigan!) I’ve worn one of my spring/fall coats twice already. Spring has not yet arrived, but is upon us. (more…)

Gentle Spring Cleansing

Mar 4, 2013 | Tags: Detox, digestion, energy, weight loss, | No Comments

Whatever path you choose to pursue, it cannot be denied: A vital and well-nourished body is the vessel for intuition, creativity, and expression. When we begin to realize that our body is far more than this thing that takes us from point A to B, or a mere physical structure that we need to mistrust and whip into shape, we start to develop a loving partnership with our body.

The more my diet remains whole foods based and relatively clean, the less I am drawn to an intense dietary protocol. That isn’t to say there isn’t place for such a thing, but for many, a less intense protocol allows for nourished, seasonal eating minus the quick release of toxins into the bloodstream. Remember, the body is designed to heal itself given half a chance. (more…)

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