Eating for a Clear Mind

Apr 30, 2013 | Tags: nutrition, simple strategies, | 3 Comments

When I started studying nutrition professionally in 2008, I remember feeling blown away when I was introduced to the energetic power of food. For years I had looked at nutrition only in terms of calories and macronutrient (carb/protein/fat) ratios. I wanted to know how these would affect my body weight and didn’t go much further than that.

Learning how to look at food from an energetic perspective felt inaccessible in the beginning, so I kept it pretty simple. In many instances this was as intuitive as grounding myself with roots, getting focused with protein, and releasing tension with raw fruit. This was just one step in shifting into a far more supportive relationship with food. (more…)

Love Your Liver with these 4 Foods

Apr 10, 2013 | Tags: Detox, digestion, nutrition, | 2 Comments

Today, let’s hang in some Left Brain Wisdom and examine some ancient seasonal wisdom to give the liver a little TLC (our organs need a little love, too!)

In ancient Chinese medicine, each season is governed by two different interrelated organs in the body.  Spring is governed by the liver and gallbladder.  Today we’ll focus specifically on the liver.   (more…)

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