Is this food behavior increasing toxicity in your body?

Jul 30, 2013 | Tags: Detox, eating psychology, | 5 Comments

I still think back to the all the time I’ve spent over the course of many years trying to control my appetite, lose weight, attain perfect health, and determine the superior way of eating.

Not only was this pursuit taking up loads of my time, but I was unwittingly creating the exact environment in my body that would cause me to hold onto weight, weaken my immune system, and feel overwhelmed. (more…)

Feeling anxious? Eat some cookies or take THIS vitamin…

Feeling a sense of urgency…shallow breathing…tension…muscle contraction…knotty stomach.


Anxiety can be¬†described¬†as feeling wired, “spazzed out,” contracted, or tightly wound. However you personally describe it, feeling anxiety is typically associated with unpleasantness.

As with all unpleasant sensations, we try and avoid them. (more…)

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