Why I had Ice Cream for Breakfast

Aug 31, 2014 | Tags: self sabotage, | No Comments


Here’s a word I come back to again and again as it resonates with me at a core level. (more…)

4 Food Symbols You Need to Know About

Food is not just food.

If it were, the act of eating would be a passing detail in life that wouldn’t have much impact one way or another.

But that’s not quite what’s happening. Eating seems to have a lot of charge and feeling behind it these days. Have you noticed? (more…)

5 Mantras of Self-Care

I was cleaning my apartment the other day and came across a list I wrote a handful of years ago I called The 5 Mantras of Self-Care. I remember writing these during a period I was feeling VERY uninspired to cook, exercise, and generally take good care of myself.

I knew I needed a visual reminder to go back to again and again. (more…)

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