How to Recover from a Holiday Sugar Binge

Reflecting on my own eating history, I remember the anxiety that would accompany holiday gatherings. I’d feel so worried about what food was going to be available and wondered whether or not I’d be able to make it to the other side without having ruined my diet. Even with the best of intentions, I often found myself over-indulging in sugar by the end of the day and feeling frustrated afterwards. (more…)

Lessons from Virginia & Thanksgiving Recipes

Nov 15, 2014 | Tags: holidays, | No Comments

Early this week I took a short trip to Virginia to visit a dear friend and colleague of mine. I am grateful to have soul friends near and far.

Although a short trip, we had our share of laughter, deep sharing, great food, and yoga. Violet the cat and I managed to get some bonding time, too. :) (more…)

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