A risky business move + 3 20-minute workouts I love

Jun 30, 2015 | Tags: Feminine Practice, Living, | No Comments

Here’s a personal share:

Not long ago it became abundantly clear that I was getting caught in social media spiral. I was getting into a habit of checking Facebook each and every time I would open my laptop. (more…)

Want better results with your weight? Ask better questions.

Jun 14, 2015 | Tags: weight loss, | No Comments

There was a time in my life that I was gripped so tightly by fear around weight gain.

Because I cycled through periods of binge eating and eating very clean, I felt I had evidence that I simply could not trust myself.

So in an effort to manage my out-of-control cycles of eating, I did what almost every western woman has been taught: control, mange, use willpower, count, and track. (more…)

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