Resources I think you’ll love (and a pic that cracks me up)

May 31, 2017 | Tags: energy, trigger foods, weight, | No Comments

I hope you had a satisfying holiday weekend.

Something I’d NEVER imagined myself doing before – tooling around on this John Deere lawnmower that now takes residence at my home – amused me to no end this past weekend. (more…)

Want centered eating habits? Tend to THIS bodily system

May 14, 2017 | Tags: Feminine Practice, | No Comments

One evening on a Thursday not too long ago, my partner was at the office until about 9pm. I had no clients scheduled that particular evening.

After I made myself a very simple meal for one: leftover sweet potatoes with tahini, some organic turkey slices wrapped around avocado, a few cucumber slices, and some dark chocolate, a familiar restlessness arose. (more…)

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