5 Must-have Eating Traits

Jul 30, 2018 | No Comments

Well last month, the real thick of the extraverted summer season was just that.

Very full.

Much in my personal life and also projects for Real Food Wellness.

One of the projects I took on was scheduling a photo shoot with fine arts photographer and dear friend, Teri, to update some pictures on my website. (more…)

Are you a “foodie?” Find out here

Jul 14, 2018 | Tags: quiz, | No Comments

Do you consider yourself a foodie?

It seems to me there’s a sub-set of souls who are tried and true “foodies” with a particular taste for the best the culinary world has to offer. (more…)

A Sane Summer Eating Plan

Jul 8, 2018 | Tags: seasonal eating, video, | No Comments

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