Deeper perspectives on "sugar problems"

Jan 31, 2021 | Tags: eating psychology , overeating , sugar , | 4 comments

It's said that the desire for sweet food can mask a deeper desire for "sweetness" itself. But what is this sweet?

Keys for a strong winter body

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Ayurveda is one of the beautiful ancient and healing philosophies from the East that honors the poetic nature of the body and diet. As modern dietary trends come and go, the tenants of Ayurveda remain as steady as the seasons themselves with principles deeply intertwined with the natural elements. I don't need to remind you that although we have the same basic blueprint, our bodies each have their own particularities. You might hate the winter, rejoice in summer, and frequently get colds in Spring. You might get angry when you're stressed, thrive when you're busy, and err on the side of acid reflux and inflammation when you're out of balance.

Some love these coming weeks (recommendations)

Dec 31, 2020 | 2 comments

For those of you living in cold winter regions (like me in the Midwest), these next few months could impact you a bit more than our friends in the sun-loving south or other less cloudy regions. Wherever this message happens to find you, here are some simple suggestions for a healthy winter.

2020 year-end review (and photos)

Dec 14, 2020 | Tags: holidays , New Year , | No comments

Around the 15th of December every year, rather than send a typical newsletter, I share some reflections for the year gone by and glimpses into what kind of year it's been for Real Food Wellness as well as me personally. And here we are again.

Some encouragement (if the old way isn't working)

Oct 31, 2020 | No comments

One toxic belief related to the body, is that the body is just a dumb lump of matter; Some strange and suspicious physical mass with no intelligence that may very well betray you... you better get control over it.

Nutrition meets soul (does this speak to you?)

For women, learning how to care for the body is not just practical work. It's soul work. Our challenges with eating, weight, and health are also realms of the soul. If there were no deeper dimensions to health, eating, and weight, don't you think all the practical strategies out there would have solved the chronic GI symptoms, the chronic dieting, the painful eating habits, and the ongoing pursuit for the ideal diet?

On vulnerable eating moments

Have we not all experienced things in life that prompted us to say, “That was not my proudest moment” ...or something similar? Here, I’ll go first. Nineteen years old, walking the campus of my university with a double eye infection (I wore contacts at the time) holding a single lens from my glasses up to one of my eyes (my glasses were broken to literal pieces) just to try and see where I was going.

What I'm eating (and why)

Jun 30, 2020 | No comments

If you haven't already noticed from my posts, I rarely share what I actually eat in a day. It's not by accident.

Eight "c-words" we need

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In Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy, we draw on the healing energy of 8 "C-words" that often organically "come alive" when a person is connected to their heart and inner wisdom. Those words are: Confidence, Clarity, Compassion, Creativity, Calm, Connectivity, Curiosity, and Courage.   To give you an idea of these words in action, consider:

On Healing the Split

Apr 30, 2020 | Tags: eating psychology , | No comments

The eating psychology context is this: There you are eating “clean” by day, and stuffing the body with food by night. Or perhaps you live out the “clean” side for weeks or months, then you flip to the other side for a while. Or you've got it together most of the day, then at 4pm you're a different person. You're off the plan. The assumption is that severing off the bad habits via a new diet, a new gym, a new resolution, etc will finally rid you of your troubles. The problem is, in many cases, it doesn’t work.