Empower Your Eating

Empower Your Eating: 6 Weeks to a Hot & Healthy Body Image



If you’re still struggling with food and body image, despite your nutritional knowledge, I’m here to let you know…

It’s not just you.


Many women are spending impressive amounts of time:

• Trying to master the right way of eating
• Ruminating over the parts of their body they don’t like
• Feeling unsatisfied with themselves and their features
• Comparing body shape and size with other women
• Researching metabolic hacks and tricks to control their appetite and weight

I’ve noticed that healing body image isn’t simply a matter of learning to eat better or exercise more.  I meet plenty of healthful, active women that drink smoothies, study holistic nutrition, run, lift weights, or practice yoga, that still experience challenges with their eating or body image.


Unhealthy Body Image can subtly run a life…

There are all sorts of strategies women develop in reaction to a painful body image:

bodyimage• Mentally keep tabs on a list of dietary restrictions you have to stick to in order to be “good” or to be “okay”
• Engage in ‘self-sabotaging’ behaviors like overeating, overdrinking, binge eating, or self criticism
• Push yourself through workouts that are tied to a fear of weight gain
• Give in to a strong inner voice that says fights back and says, “Screw it!”(then reach for many of the foods you’d been trying to avoid)
• Silently criticize your body to maintain the outward appearance of confidence
• Spend a lot of time looking at recipes, meal plans, workouts to help ease anxiety


All of these strategies tend to be in reaction to the same beliefs:

“My body isn’t good enough. I’m not okay as I am.”


Most women actually do have a sense that they would be happier if they could learn to love themselves and the body they live in. But they find themselves caught in a crazy contradiction, wanting to love themselves first, but feeling they can’t love themselves until they are different.

It’s a mental, emotional, and spiritual energy suck.  But for many of us, it’s where we live.  It take a bit of courage to let go of familiar but unproductive, cyclical eating and body image patterns and commit to learning new, life-affirming ones.

It’s so worth it.


It’s not impossible to release:

• Reliance on the scale to let you know you’re okay or safe
• Fears and anxieties that lead to a new diet or detox
• Autopilot habits of comparing
• Internal food rules that won’t soften
• Incessant thoughts about body weight
• Painful eating habits
• Stress-induced weight (yes, sometimes we unwittingly activate our bodies’ fat-storing instincts)

If you think you’re the exception, I sincerely encourage you to challenge that.  If your’e ready to look critically at eating and body paradigms you were born into, you can absolutely shift things.  Past strategies of hate, shame, and self-disgust are painful.  They don’t work, don’t result in sustainable inner shift, and often leave women feeling hopeless or anxious, looking for the next strategy to “fix” their body and metabolism.


I ran the gauntlet myself…

There was a time that I clung tightly to dietary restrain and control out of fear.  I learned this is what I had to do.  But no matter how hard I worked, how much I effort to manipulate my eating or my body, it was never quite enough. The more intensely I exerted strict discipline, the more fear I lived in, wondering what would happen to my body if I actually relaxed around eating and exercise. I often flipped like a frustrated child, impatient when results would not come quickly.  In knee-jerk reactivity, I’d act out with food, eating in ways that made me feel terrible, making it seem nearly impossible to trust myself or figure out how to settle into my own body.shutterstock_52937836

Another curious note: At the peak of this type of efforting  I was carrying an additional 20 lbs of weight on my frame, self-produced, even though it looked like I was doing all the right things on the outside.

I meet so many women that don’t realize how hard they are making things on themselves or how they are unwittingly contributing to their struggles (even the health conscious ones).

If you are feeling stuck, I so get it.

That stagnant place is often a result of trying the same old things with the same degree on consciousness you’ve always used.  What is needed is a collective body image maturation and a deepening of consciousness around what it means to be woman, to have a body, to need to eat.  Over the course of several years, as a woman and practitioner in this field, I’d love to share what I’ve learned.



Join me for six illuminating weeks in:

Empower Your Eating: 6 Weeks to a Hot & Healthy Body Image

6 Modules

Week #1: What’s Your Body Image Style? 

Week #2: Be a Body Image Rebel – The Hows & Whys of Collective Dysfunction 

Week #3: How to Work Less and Get More Results 

Week #4: The Pleasure Principle 

Week #5: Get Back into Your Body 

Week #6: Claiming your Throne 

Because I want you to have a rich and sweet experience in this program and feel supported beyond our 6 weeks, I’ve also included some bonuses as a gift for enrolling in Empower Your Eating.



How it Works:

(For those enrolling in 2018 or beyond, you get access to all the content once you enroll).

Every Sunday morning, you will receive an email letting you know you have access to a new module online.  Each module consists of a blend of guided powerpoint, audio, video, and PDFs to keep the content engaging and fresh. Some modules also include integration questions to help you absorb and own that week’s material.  Think of it like enrolling in a course at You University.  Plan to set aside about 1 hour a week give or take (a very reasonable amount for most people, plus no drive time)


Getting the most from your program is as easy as 1,2,3…

1.) Set aside special self-care time each week in your calendar for your week’s module
2.) Complete each activity within the module
3.) Complete your Integration Assignments and comment on prompts to help you master the material covered. (the online program is VERY user-friendly so you need not worry about it being too complicated)


Q & A

“When do I start?”

You get to choose what time and day you’d like to work through each lesson and will have access once you register.   You have a whole week to work through a module before the next one is released.  You have access to this program forever.

“Is this class for current clients or past clients, or is this for people that have never worked with you?”

I launched a similar class the last four years and our group members varied.  I had a handful that were current clients, supplementing our work together with this program.  A couple were past clients, using this program as an immersion “refresher course.”  And some clients had never worked with me before, learning a whole new way to work with body and eating concerns right out of the gate.

“An online program feels intimidating to me.  What if I’m not ‘tech-savvy’? Will I have a hard time figuring the program out?”

I promise you that this program will be VERY EASY to navigate.  I don’t necessarily consider myself tech-savvy and I created a whole program!  When you enroll you will enter a username and password of your choice.  You will have immediate access to a warm-up module so you can easily orient yourself with the program format.  I will be personally guiding the group through the program and will be available to answer questions along the way.





Is this Program for me?

If you’re still with me, it is possible and perhaps likely.

This class is for women that are tired of the amount of time and energy they find themselves investing in food, eating, and body image and are ready to explore the lessons they never received as girls, young women, and now adult women.

This program is for women that know they want to heal, develop themselves, and know that they are wasting their precious energetic resources, trying to get the food, weight, and body image thing figured out.

The gifts that women carry are a much needed medicine on our planet today.  Whatever our place in the world, we have the power to catalyze and impact something of value to us in the exact surroundings we find ourselves in. When our interior world is muddled with obsession, anxiety, or worry, it can be difficult to give our deeper gifts.

Are you ready to clear some things out?



Sign up here

“Yes, Laura, I’m ready and I’m excited to do this for myself”

I understand this program includes the following:



I also understand that if after FULLY engaging in all the lessons, completing and turning in any integration assignments, and participating in the discussion prompts, I don’t think this program was worth it, I have 14 full days from the final class release to turn in all of my assignments and get a full refund.  

I’m ready to start Empower Your Eating: 6 Weeks to a Healthy, Happy Body Image

Program Investment: $397  Now $247 ($150 savings)

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What some lovely participants had to say…

“I was surprised at how well Laura understood what I was feeling. It was like she could read my mind. What shocked me even more was discovering that previous clients of hers, and even others in the class, were feeling the same way about their bodies and food AND THEY WEREN’T EVEN FAT!

I also realized that I have been subconsciously sabotaging my own weight loss. Once I stopped counting calories, and paying attention to the (principles,) suddenly I lost 10 pounds.”
- W. H. Grand Rapids, MI

“Since I started the program I have had a lot less anxiety surrounding my body and food. I have learned quite a bit about myself and am started to believe that there is a different way to view eating and exercise. I have always lived so black and white and believed to my core that it had to be difficult to stay thin…”  - S.O. Grand Rapids, MI

“What I appreciate about Laura’s teaching style is the emphasis on our innate goodness and enhancing our awareness of the good. This works because we already have enough shame and need to learn how to let go of it because shame does not motivate us. Learning what gives us deep enjoyment of life motivates me!” – Judy K, MI

“There are no programs out there like this that get to the core of eating and body issues. This course is not about another fad diet but really getting to the core of these issues and providing the knowledge and tools to deal with issues so many of us women face. It has been eye opening and life changing I and couldn’t have asked for a better teacher. Laura has inspired me with her own story and with her loving,gentle and empowering guidance. I loved the group style as I made me aware of how common these issues are and that I am not alone in this battle.” – Becky S. Grand Rapids, MI

belly love

Have your own direct experience exploring:

• Less stressful eating habits
• More mental/emotional space for things that are important to you
• A new, life-affirming orientation to beauty
• More acceptance and confidence in your own skin
• Having non-negotiable self-care practices
• More self-trust in your body and yourself
• Eating habits that are more aligned with who you are



Empower Your Eating and change the way you show up as an eater and a woman…

Program Investment: $397 Now $247 ($150 savings)

Add a 1-on-1 hour session with Laura


I can’t wait to for you to cozy up with this material!

With Love & Respect,


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