One-on-One Intensives

Dear beautiful woman,

If you’ve already worked with me in some capacity or have been following my work for a while, you know how much I care about my clients.  Doing deep and meaningful work with people is part of my reason for being here, both helping reduce suffering as well as working to activate natural and powerful aspects of our human potential.

One-on-one work together is the best way to have this type of support.

After much consideration, I’m happy to offer a new support option, in addition to regular office visits, to do some great work together:

One-on-One Intensives



Intensives are extended sessions together, typically 3 hours, where we work deeply on an area of concern with the intent of making significant headway, similar to a meaningful half-day personal retreat.

Some very meaningful personal work I’ve done has been outside the conventional coaching/counseling hours so I know the value of working creatively with clients this way.

I’m opening limited space each month to accommodate this type of work together. These will be a wonderful fit and catalyzing experience for the right people (great fun, too) and can be often scheduled outside of traditional office hours.

Wondering if this might be a good fit for you?  Intensives will be especially supportive in certain circumstances.




Scheduling an intensive or series or intensives would be a great fit for you if one or more of the following are true:



The real benefits of intensives are listed above: flexible hours, deep work, making more headway, and a 1/2 day of personal time to learn, work on yourself, and have lots of loving support, encouragement, and vision.  Intensives are ultimately designed to be healing and catalyzing experiences.


Can you give me examples of we can cover in One-on-One Intensives?

Yes, many of the things covered are similar to what clients generally come to me for (plus some other resources)


These are examples.  The overarching themes point to feeling better physically, psychologically, and spiritually in ways that are personally relevant and significant to you (like experiencing a new sense of freedom around eating or deeper experience of confidence in your life).  Much of my work the past ten years has been helping people with their physical health and emotional well-being.


How it works:

Once you decide you’d like to meet for an intensive, you’ll just send me a message to plan and schedule our time.  We’ll thoroughly communicate prior to our time together, so I can get a sense of the most helpful way to shape our day.  We’ll decide on our meeting place, date, and time.  In some cases it might make the most sense to meet in my office, in other cases, other locations.  I have limited space each month, so scheduling in advance is recommended.



In the coaching world, intensives can go for thousands of dollars.  Take a look around.  My rates ares simply my hourly rate for one-on-one sessions, bringing a 1/2-day intensive to $450* if it helps to look at it that way.  Pretty straight forward.


How do I arrange my payment?

Clients simply pay through PayPal ahead of time.  Once clients pay for our time, our intensive time is saved. You can make payments for an intensive at this link and have priority in scheduling.


Other considerations:

Splitting the cost of intensives: In special cases, you might choose to split the cost of an intensive with a loved one or close friend.  In these cases, the three of us plan our time accordingly so everyone feels satisfied and really fed by our time together.

For those traveling longer distances: We’ll discuss options that will help you make your time in West Michigan the most accommodating.

For those that want/need me to travel to them: Again, please reach out with requests and we’ll see if this is a workable option.Laura_RFW_2018_41_color_WEB

*Any other requests: (financial constraint, need more or less time, etc) Email me

Anyways, those are the details.  I’m delighted to open some time each month for intensives and look forward to connecting and planning some impactful and special time together!

You can reach me here.


With love & respect,



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