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2014 Highlights & Personal Reflections

Whew. If I could sum up this year in one word, that would be it. I’d also welcome some celebratory high-fives. What a year it has been. I’ve had some really high highs and some low lows as well. As I reflect on all of it, I do sense that my life continues to align with my innermost desires and the type of woman that I am called to grow into. But make no mistake, 2014 was not about big, bold, business moves. 2014 was more of an edgy journey in releasing, streamlining, and simplifying. This was my intention in January. It required a good deal of resolve, especially as a business owner and member of the coaching world. It’s easy to feel a internal pressure to “go big” and get involved with many things. I often found myself up against my own Inner Pusher. But I learned what is simple can often be most potent. Lately, I’ve been stepping outside at night for an evening walk to gather my thoughts. I welcome the crisp bite of the winter air to wake up my senses, my breathing, my body. If the moon is out, she walks with me. It is a simple walk in the dark, but it always has an effect on me. It’s been a sweet way to come full circle reflecting on the past 12 months. I’d love to share a few highlights from the year with you. In 2014, I…

  • Launched Empower Your Eating: 6 Weeks to a Hot & Healthy Body Image, for the 3rd year, but the first year in a user-friendly, online platform (I had a bit of a technology learning curve!) successfully

  • I completed my yoga 200-level teacher training, and began teaching

  • Wrote content for and taught a 4-month live women’s health workshop series, The Healthy Woman, that I poured much time, energy, and heart into

  • Streamlined finances with newer supportive structures in place

  • Hired a new intern, Lauren, for a semester. Our time together was so valuable in expected and unexpected ways.

  • Organically broadened my reach, in addition to locally here in West Michigan, working with clients nationally and internationally

  • Had the privilege of working with incredible personal and professional mentors, both male and female, in the areas of women’s spiritual practice, Jungian psychology, eating psychology, shamanism, and psychosomatic healing

  • Created more spaciousness in my work schedule, reclaiming my weekends, and synching up with more natural rhythms. I took a few cabin getaways in northern MI. I spent copious amounts of time tromping through the woods. In our warmer months I spent much time laying in the grass, looking at clouds, and talking to trees. I brought far more plants into my home.

Some other fun things:

  • Made herbal infusions regularly– my skin and hair love these

  • Took an improv class (one time!)

  • Entered a dance competition

  • Got way more efficient with my workouts and found pleasure in my own physical strength

  • Deepened my personal practice and understanding of nutritional cleansing and detoxification

  • Made tending to healthy relationships via boundary setting, love, and honesty a priority (both skillfully and unskillfully)

  • Took a spontaneous trip to the east coast to hang with one of my closest friends

  • Played my edges in vulnerability, sharing my heart and the more shadowy parts of myself

  • Learned powerful ways to release emotional energy

  • Practiced yoga nidra (yogic sleep) almost daily for over 6 months

  • Said some big “yeses” to my own personal development (more on that in 2015!)

And here we are, fast approaching the New Year…. Before we step into the fullness of the New Year, I want to invite you to think about what you want to initiate in your life. Is it better health? A commitment to better self-care? Trusting yourself more? Letting go of patterns of self-sabotage? Finally feeling alive, healthy, and empowered in your physical body? Having a rock-solid relationship with food? Releasing unneeded weight? As women, I believe building our inner and outer resources are a priority for a life well-lived. The heart of my work, one-on-one sessions – are where I teach my clients to do just that. Food, eating, health, and weight concerns bring us straight into the body, truly sacred ground. I invite you to take the next step toward your own health and happiness. Let go of the “quick fix” approaches to weight loss. (It doesn’t sustainably work anyways…) Let go of your anxiety around eating. (You have far better things to be investing your energy in) Learn what “taking good care” really means, and the counter-intuitive strategies to get there. Sometimes a new way of doing things requires us to ask for help when we feel we are unable to do it on our own. (Running into the same walls is a good indicator…) If changes didn’t “stick” the necessary inner shifts did not occur. This is where I step in. Ready to schedule your first session for 2015? I am ready for you. Contact me HERE. And if now is not the time for you, I look forward to our continued relationship here, or having you join me for one of my group offerings this year. Many, many blessings for a beautiful 2015! Big Love & Respect, Laura

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