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Eight “c-words” we need

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

In Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy, we draw on the healing energy of 8 “C-words” that often organically “come alive” when a person is connected to their heart and inner wisdom. Those words are: Confidence, Clarity, Compassion, Creativity, Calm, Connectivity, Curiosity, and Courage.

To give you an idea of these words in action, consider:

Compassion when your eating is less than perfect or when you felt you handled something with less skill than you’d like.

Compassion in seeing or knowing the fear or pain behind actions.

Curiosity about nutritional deficiencies that could lead to unwanted eating habits or curiosity about what your body is with or without certain foods in your diet.

Courage to finally do the work that will lead to better health or a more fulfilling relationship with food or courage to acknowledge the truth.

Clarity and Confidence in knowing what works for your body and personal well-being.

These are brief examples, though I’m sure you feel how helpful these energies are. The “8 C’s” are available to all human beings, though at any given time we might carry some inner constraints like fear about body weight, confusion about nutritional correctness, worry about what other people think, or painful emotions that are too difficult to be with (for example) that get in the way of accessing them.

Blending Nutritional work, IFS, and depth psychology allows us to transform your health, body, and emotional well-being holistically.

Ask yourself, which of the 8 C’s could be medicinal in your life right now?

(For curiosity about the complexity of body weight, read on here.)

With love & respect,


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