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Not in crisis? Here’s your nutritional work.

Last month I shared two guiding principles for eating when you find yourself in the midst of a chaotic, stressful, or disorienting time in your life.

Although we cannot dictate the exact unfolding of our lives or the ways in which life invites us into growth, we can learn how to care for ourselves in and through it’s (sometimes stressful, sometimes delightful!) development.

Today, as promised, I’m sharing the sort of nutritional self-care to practice (and get really good at!) when things are going well, so when sh*t hits the fan, your foundation is already strong.

1.) Get your body used to eating meals at regular times. The animal body does well with supportive containers and structure. Eat within 90 minutes of waking. Enjoy lunch between 11:30am-1:30pm. Make these real meals.

2.) Learn how your female body works. This includes learning how to care for your hormones as well as the understanding the unique wiring of the female brain and anatomy. There are all sorts of wonderful herbs and foods that can support your adrenals, your blood sugar, your thyroid, and your pathways of elimination (all impact hormonal balance). Get into right relationship with your creative organs.

3.) Learn how to feed yourself well. Well means in a way that makes you feel well. (Reminder: Feeling happens in the body)

4.) Work to free yourself from dietary fundamentalism, and find support navigating any eating concerns. I’m referring to the inner food police that is always labeling you and your eating choices as ‘good” or ‘bad.’ Take advantage of the energy you have to dive into this work.

5.) Create a couple meals that take 5 minutes. Get good at it. (ex. organic lunchmeat rolled around avocado slices, seed crackers, baby carrots, baba ganoush, and some olives – ON A PLATE)

6.) Create a few meals that have leftovers you’d easily enjoy.

7.) Go to your favorite restaurants and get a sense of what you love and what makes you feel really good. Having a few go-to take-out staples in your back pocket is so helpful when your brain power must be allocated elsewhere. For me, that looked like Marie Catrib’s phenomenal chicken salad and sweet potato, kale salad.

8.) Widen your repertoire. Try something new. Go to the farmers market and buy a new veggie or herb that you usually don’t.

9.) Get to know your appetite. Notice hunger and satiation signals during meals.

10.) Learn how to eat on the road. If you have to stop at a gas station, know what you could feel pretty decent eating. If you pull off the highway and it’s lined with fast food joints, see if there a grocery near by to get some fresh food or deli salads.

11.) Pick one thing to get good at, please. Not everything

Getting skilled at any of the above does not guarantee that your eating habits will not deviate when you are stressed, BUT, it is likely you will feel far more resourced and knowledgeable as to how to care for yourself when it matters most.

Now I want to hear from you. If you are feeling pretty grounded in your world, where would you like to focus your attention?

With Love,


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