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Signs your eating needs a tune-up

Signs your way of eating needs some support:

~ Your eating feels "all over the place" ~ You overeat or binge eat a certain time of day ~ You graze all day, no meals actually exist ~ You have sleep challenges that you think might be related to your eating habits ~ You feel controlling or "obsessed" about nutrition/diet ~ You predictably have a new supplement, diet program, juice cleanse in your online shopping cart throughout the year because you're trying to "undo damage" you've done with your eating ~ You feel chronically low energy or have chronic GI issues

~ You have hormonal imbalances, adrenal issues, or thyroid problems ~ Dining out or vacation eating does not go well for you ~ You deny certain favorite foods ~ You binge eat off-limit foods for a period of time, to “get it out of your system" and feel a lot of self-judgment (a sort of Jekyll and Hyde feeling) ~ You find it difficult to just be, and eat ~ You don't have a style of eating you love or at least enjoy ~ Your eating is driven by reactivity (to either control or rebel) ~ You eat whatever you want, but your body is suffering because of it ~ Eating does not feel simple to you. You feel overwhelmed in "getting it right" ~ Your eating habits are the only go-to strategy to manage anxiety or emotional pain ~ Your body is somehow shouting "no" via various symptoms ~ You're always trying to lose weight, but never really arriving ~ You know a ton about nutrition but can't seem to have a healthy relationship with food ~ You feel disconnected from body sensation, satiation, hunger

Ready for a deep dive? Join me for my one-day Eating Psychology Retreat online! We look at the practical aspects of nutritional changes and strategies along the heart and soul of eating itself. It will be a very healing , loving, and empowering day together. Save your spot and block off the day! Class is on Saturday, January 7th from 10am-4:30pm EST. Open to those near and far.

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