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What a healthy relationship with food looks like. Is this you?

On the path to a healthy relationship with food it’s common to fanaticize about what eating will finally be like… “…when I never overeat, have too much sugar, eat out of boredom, or eat any of the “bad stuff.” But the fantasy of “never again” often falls flat. Have you noticed? Swear off a food in the name of dietary goodness, and watch that craving increase exponentially. Often, one of the most indicative markers of a healed relationship with food or health is this: Realistic perspective A healthy relationship with food often leads us to choose foods and ways of eating that make our bodies feel well much of the time and when we eat foods or eat in in a way that makes us feel less than well, we take note, relax into it, and course correct…minus the harsh and punishing inner critic. Health is far from synonymous with perfect eating. Perhaps a different barometer of health for those of us who put a lot of pressure on ourselves to eat without falter, lies in our ability to separate our sense of worth with how we eat – or anything else for that matter. We are inherently good regardless of what goes into our mouths. The same goes for everyone else, too. If you feel any inner resistance, GET CURIOUS. A quick check-list to determine if your relationship with food and eating is supportive right now: Do I have more: Self-love, self-trust, free time, relaxation, acceptance, freedom, confidence? And less: Stress, inner-conflict, confusion, self-judgement, obsession, anxiety? Food for thought… With love, Laura Want to chat? Connect with Laura HERE

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