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What do you most deeply want? (clarifying questions for 2016)

Happy New Year!

I am feeling so juiced up and ready for the year ahead.

Why? A few reasons, really…

One, I just had a good deal of down time.

These past couple holiday weeks were intentionally filled with more leisure time than my regular workweeks. I roasted chestnuts (yes, on an open fire), took naps almost daily, and treated myself to a couple vodka gimlets (my favorite!) Down time juices me up for good work again.

Two, last year was a real challenge.

In 2015, I dedicated much of my time outside of work to creating new supportive structures and habits as I transitioned out of my primary relationship. Oh my word, was it difficult. So I welcome the freshness of a New Year to continue opening to my new life, now feeling the ground under my feet again.

Three, I carved out very special time for myself to vision out the year ahead just a few short days ago.

This is a practice that is non-negotiable for me. I like to set aside at least a few hours to get a sense of what feels most important to me in the coming year.

The more I’ve done this practice, the more concentrated my focus has become. Sure, I have several areas that I desire to tend to.

But I find having a couple core themes is the most helpful and potent, and tends to inform all areas I’m looking to cultivate.

I remember one of my intentions in the past was to learn how to really REALLY care for my physical body. I don’t mean care for it in the way we’re often encouraged by the diet and fitness industry, to fight it, and not trust it. I committed myself to learn what it actually means to care for this physical form. What I’ve learned and now practice has been invaluable in my life.

As I am no stranger to sharing, I have very sensitive wiring. (For as long as I can remember). So now, as an adult woman, caring for my body is the foundation for my well-being. This includes sleep, nutrition, movement and embodiment practices, and navigating the physical experience of my rich (and often intense) emotional world and intuitive nature. When I care for my body and physical experience in this way, I find I am far more resilient and attuned to myself.

If you are interested, I invite you to carve out a little time for yourself this weekend and reflect on the following clarifying questions for your year ahead:

  • What is something (ONE thing) that you know, if you gave your time, love, and attention, and commitment over the next year to, would be deeply gratifying come year-end?

  • If what the culture, social media, your neighbor, co-workers, spiritual community, or family thought didn’t sway your desires, if you were fully turning inward, what would feel right?

  • What might help a deeper part of you exhale in relief, knowing that you finally made it a priority?

  • I suggest plugging an hour into your calendar to make yourself some hot tea and contemplate. Hone in on no more than 1-3 things to avoid overwhelm. You have your whole life to develop yourself. Where is the energy for you RIGHT NOW?

If one of your visions this year includes committed care for your physical body and emotional world, and you desire to have my expertise, love, and support, I am here.

I wish you nothing but those experiences that open and heal your heart this coming year.

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As always, with love,


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