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What’s wrong with this picture? Test your Metabolic IQ.

It’s quiz time! If you ever forget to eat, are too busy to eat, or try and eat “less” early in the day, this one’s for you. Take a look at Cathy’s typical eating schedule versus Rachel’s and see if you can pinpoint the trouble areas versus power areas. Cathy’s Day: 7am – apple, coffee 10am – coffee 1pm – green salad, diet coke 3:30pm – chocolate bar or cookies/crackers 7pm – pasta, chicken, broccoli, garlic bread, wine 8pm – ice cream and popcorn Rachel’s Day: 7am – scrambled egg on whole grain toast with kale and avocado and coffee 10:30am – almonds w/tea 12:30pm – green salad with sprouts and avocado, wild Alaskan salmon, sweet potato, a couple dark chocolate truffles 3pm – flax crackers 6pm – Lentil soup and sautéed veggies Who do you think is at the healthier weight for their body, Cathy or Rachel? Can you guess who’s feeling more vibrant? Cathy frequently reports feeling depleted, tired, and wired. Her sleep isn’t nearly as restful and restorative as it could be and she can’t quite figure out why she doesn’t feel as emotionally resilient during the day as she’d like. She blames her afternoon and evening “splurges” for her symptoms, and is convinced once she learns to avoid the evening treats, she’ll lose some weight and feel much better. Now, take a look at both examples again. Does it look like Rachel is eating a lot? What if I told you both of these ladies’ food intake added up to 2,000 calories? If “calories in/calories out” really was that simple and effective, why is Cathy’s 2,000 calorie diet just not working for her? The French eat 60% of their day’s calories prior to 2pm. In the States, we typically eat the majority of our calories in the latter half of the day. Most women are still suspicious of their own hunger and appetites and their bodies’ ability to regular its own health and weight. They have conscious and unconscious strategies (like delaying eating or under-eating) that are actually hindering metabolic power (not to mention self-trust, a powerful confidence booster). Have you been there before? If you find yourself falling into patterns similar to Cathy’s, don’t worry. I’ve walked in your shoes before. For me, it was my patterns of binging on carbohydrates/sugar under stress when I was alone that threw off my sleep, packed on the guilt, and was followed by restrictive morning and afternoon eating. And the cycle continued. “Discipline” was backfiring and resulted in weight gain, compromised digestion and immunity, and feeling puffy and perturbed. Resetting eating patterns, so the body is receiving nourishment earlier in the day, is one of the simplest yet most effective strategies that helps regulate a VARIETY of health concerns: crazy cravings, feeling ravenous later in the day, exhaustion, unrestful sleep, blood sugar/mood symptoms, weight gain, the list goes on. Each day you have the opportunity to step into self-love, press the rest button, and learn what it really means to practice trusting your body. No, it doesn’t happen overnight but I promise you will learn a heck of a lot about yourself in the process. Take action. What is ONE thing you can adjust in your eating schedule or routine to make substantial eating possible earlier in the day? If you gut is telling you it’s time for more support in this area, let’s talk. Contact me here to start the conversation. And please, share with any women in your life you feel may benefit! With love and appreciation, Laura

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