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Why Being a Messy Eater can be Great for Your Figure

I have yet to meet a person that gets excited about counting their chews or tracking the frequency they set their fork down in between bites. The intention is admirable but the act can feel downright lame.

I propose something better (and messier!):

Becoming a Sensual Eater.

Before you roll your eyes, I’m not talking about some over the top Herbal Essence-like scenario involving you, some strawberries, and chocolate sauce. Sensual eating is simply engaging ALL of your senses. Hearing the sizzle of fresh asparagus in the oven. Arranging gorgeous colors on your plate. Fully tasting and sensing the flavors and textures of your food.

Can you feel how you might respond differently to ‘Mindful Eating’ (lame & controlled) and ‘Sensual Eating’ (turned on and engaged)?

Not to brag, but I can be a pretty messy eater. I’ve left the house with chocolate on my face or pieces of my lunch in my hair. My response, “Well at least I really enjoyed myself.” I like sauces and eating without utensils when I can get away with it. When I go out to eat, I like talking about the food that has been prepared and served. It feels good to be so engaged with food!

So here’s some fun, practical advice:

Eat with your hands. This is a fail-proof method for embodied eating.

1.) You can’t text or answer your phone=presence 2.) It’s way more fun, anyways (maybe save the noodles for dining in). 3.) The more involved you are in the food you are eating the more likely you will be in touch with your natural appetite and satiation

Note: You don’t even have to be a foodie to be a sensual eater. You just need to have taste buds and an opinion. What do you like about what you are eating? What would you change? How do you experience your food ¼ of the way through versus ¾ of the way through your meal?

Get into it.

Go ahead and “Ohhh” and “Ahhh” and “Mmmm” and be ridiculous – do whatever it takes to experience the act of eating food. I suspect you’ll enjoy this far more than counting chews. Plus, pleasure and engagement are great for your metabolism.

A relaxed body = metabolic power.

To happy taste buds and messy hands,


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