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Winter Wisdom

Winter is a wise season. She invites us to the places we would rather not go and beckons us to stay in and hunker down. We often resist and ignore the opportunity for rest, life review, deeper insights…even time for the shadowy, uncomfortable parts of ourselves to be more fully witnessed and expressed.

I encourage you to release any resistance toward the remainder of the season. If you are tired, you will not be tired forever. If you feel ‘unmotivated’ that will also pass.

Consider that this may simply be a time for contemplation, incubation, and a dash of courage and endurance. I certainly know that I’ve had to allow for a slower, more thoughtful, and (ultimately) more emotionally charged winter.

Naturally in this process, I think of you, and I revisit the core philosophies and concepts that I hold for my clients, readers, and RFW community

A couple core concepts that re-surfaced:

1.) When we look deeply enough, Life is always calling us into evolution 2.) The health, vitality, peace, sex appeal, or freedom you desire is an inner job. When we are aligned with a deep integrity within ourselves, our outer world reflects that.

There is a wisdom to your precious life. Please be good to yourself during the remaining winter days.

P.S: In this process of creation and incubation this winter some very exciting things are coming down the line that I think you are going to love. Expect the full scoop in March. Sign up below for the good news.

With Love,


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