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Your Fall Menu is here

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

As the amount of darkness increases each day, we have the opportunity to align our eating habits and self-care practices with Fall.

Why this can be helpful to you:

  • Aligning with seasonal foods helps us feel connected to the Earth – a connection many of us ache for, sometimes unknowingly

  • The Earth provides a local harvest that is balancing for our bodies and minds, supporting our health and immunity

  • We begin to see and respect our place in the larger cycles of life, a remarkable medicine for feelings of disconnection or isolation

  • This offers one doorway into healing our relationship with food

I’m sharing four basic, nutritional tips to help support you this season.

#1. Enjoy and increase these foods:

- plenty of apples

- root vegetables

- baked squashes

- seasonal leafy greens

Note: Apples help scrub the digestive tract and purge excess heat out of the body so it doesn’t get overly dry (thanks to pectin). Roots and squashes are grounding and delicious baked and are soothing for digestion as well as rich in nutrients. Leafy greens keep the digestive system “moving” and the blood oxygenated, a powerful mood-enhancer. Research has shown that a healthy digestive system and microbiome contributes to a strong and healthy immune system.

#2. Food Preparation:

- Bake

- Stew

- Boil

- Cook