Personal thoughts re: Instagram

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Wow, so I’m not active on Instagram, but after a session with one of my beautiful clients last evening, I was prompted to “google” what’s going on over there with body pictures…

Let’s face it, we like looking at bodies, especially fit and toned bodies. We admire them! (more…)

Requirements of Food Freedom

Here’s a short-ish musing I posted on social media not long ago.  Perhaps you’ll find it good food for thought:

Overly focusing on nutritional “rightness” or body “rightness” is a waste of precious energetic resources. We know that. But despite the understanding that muscling ourselves through strict or vigorous diet protocols may not be a sustainable way to go on with our lives, we seem to assume the more austere route is the best way. Why? Because culture glorifies the most heroic pursuits with diet as the only way to really get things done, and somewhere we’ve internalized this. Couple this with collective body image issues, and you’ll find a fertile ground for a painful relationship with food. One that feels like an inner war.

To feel freedom around food requires two things: a genuine acceptance of the body as it is right now, and honestly putting all foods and ways of eating on your menu of possibility…yes, from the most austere to the most indulgent sort of diets.

How will you know you’re free? Your decisions will be far less reactive. They won’t have a knee-jerk energy behind them. They will be led by a wiser, more trusting part of yourself.

Moving into this sort of freedom is the real work. And if you write this work off as not so important, I will share these words from Marc David:

“A healed relationship with food and body contributes to humanity by a more conscious involvement in the world.”

With love,


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Healing body image without addressing THESE might keep you stuck (video)

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What we need to be talking about in our body image journey: (more…)

Here are The Course Details!

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Empower Your Eating: 6 Weeks to a Hot & Healthy Body Image, is a 6-Week online home-study program that I will personally be guiding (for the 5th and final year), designed for women who are ready to learn the counter-intuitive skills for a healthy body image and healthy body weight (in a cost-efficient, time-efficient format) (more…)

My Body Image Story (video)

Mar 7, 2016 | Tags: body image, Empower Your Eating, video, | No Comments

As you’ve heard in my story, I had the BEST of intentions in my quest to heal my own body image.  I tried to do all the “right” things but ended up confused, frustrated, and unaware of any other possible way to feel comfortable and trusting of my own body.

This took up a tremendous amount of headspace.  (I didn’t even realize how much at the time!) (more…)

Are these 4 Body Image symptoms running your life? (video)

Feb 28, 2016 | Tags: body image, Empower Your Eating, video, | No Comments

Poor Body Image Symptoms: (more…)

A PSA about Body Weight

Jan 29, 2015 | Tags: body image, New Year, weight loss, | 4 Comments

Here you go my friends. A PSA about weight during a very popular time many think about losing it. I’m seeing this thing happen where weight and health are getting confused and it’s causing people all sorts of angst….This has been sitting on my desktop as a Word doc for the last two weeks and I have been hesitant to post but it’s time to set it free… (more…)

Do you know the 3 Reasons Body Image is so Complicated? (Plus BIG news!)

Mar 1, 2014 | Tags: body image, eating psychology, video, | 2 Comments

Body Image can run the show for so many of us. How we feel about our bodies can affect how we nourish ourselves, how we exercise, how we interact with others, and what we feel we are deserving of. (more…)

I can’t believe I hadn’t done this earlier

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I woke up last Monday morning and something felt different. Instead of getting settled into my workday like I typically do, I had an overwhelming urge to do some industrial strength cleaning. (This is very uncommon :)

It wasn’t the kitchen or bathroom that had my attention. The small tufts of my hair that quickly congregate on the living room carpet were of no concern to me. (more…)

Before & After Pictures

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First of all, no, I don’t have actual “before & after” pictures posted, but I do have a story I’d love to share with you about the dreaded “before” picture:

Recently the owner of a gym I used to teach at asked if I would help out with the kick-off day for a fitness program as the gym was understaffed that day. My job: taking “before” pictures of participants. (more…)

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