How your eating affects your loved ones

Caring about nutrition and eating can easily get dismissed as self-absorbed, not important, or something similar when there are people like your partner, family, children or social causes that may need you in some way.

Though overly focusing on perfecting the diet can point to a life that lacks some dimension, writing off any self-care as overly indulgent is in no way the solution. (more…)

What I’d like all women to have on their menu right now

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One great, and very simple, piece of nutritional advice I’d once heard was this:

If you’re trying to decide what to eat, step outside for 15 minutes, then notice what sounds good.

This is good advice no matter what part of the country you live in and a helpful practice opening communication between the body and the natural environment.

(Instead of only relying on your head, MyFitnessPal, articles, or old habits) (more…)

Eating to the point of energy (explained)

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A question for you:

At any given meal, what tells you your eating is complete? (more…)

A Healthy Spirit & the Will to Keep Going

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The late maestra curandera, Elena Avila, stressed the importance of cultivating a strong spirit…”the envelope of the soul,” she calls it.

Without a strong and resilient spirit we can feel stuck, powerless, and like victims in our lives.

These are often the times we may be unable to find a way forward or aren’t able to quite see a new opening or possibility yet. (more…)

One question that builds self-care confidence

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I’m just back from a beautiful and impactful long weekend in Albuquerque, NM studying indigenous healing practices of the Americas.


Here I am during one of my breaks, at Masks y Mas, one of those “must visit” places in the Knob Hill district. True to the name, they have all sorts of Mexican masks, but much, much more :) (more…)

Resources I think you’ll love (and a pic that cracks me up)

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I hope you had a satisfying holiday weekend.

Something I’d NEVER imagined myself doing before – tooling around on this John Deere lawnmower that now takes residence at my home – amused me to no end this past weekend. (more…)

8 signs you might be ignoring an important truth

As highly adaptable beings, we’ve learned how to get by in all sorts of different circumstances.

For example, in an effort to feel safe and diminish the perceived threat of isolation, we’ve learned to be sensitive and take heed to the social norms that help us look good, feel accepted, and fit in. (more…)

2 Ways to Balance a Funky Mood (with food!)

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When we think about food, we usually think about how the food will affect our bodies, our weight, or our digestion. Food is also medicinal for our moods and energetic state. The latter may feel far more subtle. (more…)

Gentle Spring Cleansing

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Whatever path you choose to pursue, it cannot be denied: A vital and well-nourished body is the vessel for intuition, creativity, and expression. When we begin to realize that our body is far more than this thing that takes us from point A to B, or a mere physical structure that we need to mistrust and whip into shape, we start to develop a loving partnership with our body.

The more my diet remains whole foods based and relatively clean, the less I am drawn to an intense dietary protocol. That isn’t to say there isn’t place for such a thing, but for many, a less intense protocol allows for nourished, seasonal eating minus the quick release of toxins into the bloodstream. Remember, the body is designed to heal itself given half a chance. (more…)

Will your holiday eating patterns get the best of you?

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How many of the following patterns do you fall into during the holidays?

1.) Doing more and more and resting less and less
2.) Increasing the amount of highly refined sugars and carbohydrates in your diet
3.) Promising yourself that New Years will bring the motivation for a new cleanse or detox, workout program, or healthier eating habits, leading to a “holiday food free-for-all”
4.) Going long stretches of time without eating

Do any of these resonate with you? If so, read on. (more…)

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