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Archetypal psychologist, James Hillman, wrote in his book, Interviews, that Western culture clings to and consequently suffers from its “Go ahead, Get Ahead, Do it” mentality. It’s a “manic defense,” he says, a way of skimming on the surface of things, never tending to the complicated and soulful ordeals of being human.

You’ll find it all over the place.

Robotic diets. Yanking the body through excessive activity. Workaholism.

There’s no place for soul to breathe. (more…)

Must-have eating qualities for women

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Reflections at 35

Last month I celebrated my 35th birthday. (more…)

A Healthy Spirit & the Will to Keep Going

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The late maestra curandera, Elena Avila, stressed the importance of cultivating a strong spirit…”the envelope of the soul,” she calls it.

Without a strong and resilient spirit we can feel stuck, powerless, and like victims in our lives.

These are often the times we may be unable to find a way forward or aren’t able to quite see a new opening or possibility yet. (more…)

What freedom looks like + NEW PROGRAM

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The thing about freedom and confidence around eating, is that they’re not as easily measured as, say, a pay raise or counting calories, points, or macro-nutrients.

Numbers are much easier to track down on paper.

Freedom and confidence around eating are felt on the inside. (more…)

The nutritional self that will always support you

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As I’m writing I’m about halfway through an immersion in the Mesoamerican healing tradition of Curanderismo in sunny, triple-digit-weather, New Mexico.

Here I am minutes before a powerful temazcal (sweat lodge) ceremony at master Curandera, Rita Navares’, home in Albuquerque in front of this gorgeous altar of the virgin Guadalupe. This was by far my favorite (and most cathartic) part of my time here so far. (more…)

Business Birthday, News, and Reminders you’ll thank me for

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Okay, right off the bat, I am celebrating.


Because it’s my business birthday! (more…)

What do you most deeply want? (clarifying questions for 2016)

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Happy New Year!

I am feeling so juiced up and ready for the year ahead.

Why? A few reasons, really… (more…)

A risky business move + 3 20-minute workouts I love

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Here’s a personal share:

Not long ago it became abundantly clear that I was getting caught in social media spiral. I was getting into a habit of checking Facebook each and every time I would open my laptop. (more…)

8 signs you might be ignoring an important truth

As highly adaptable beings, we’ve learned how to get by in all sorts of different circumstances.

For example, in an effort to feel safe and diminish the perceived threat of isolation, we’ve learned to be sensitive and take heed to the social norms that help us look good, feel accepted, and fit in. (more…)

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