Keys for a strong winter body

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Ayurveda is one of the beautiful ancient and healing philosophies from the East that honors the poetic nature of the body and diet.

As modern dietary trends come and go, the tenants of Ayurveda remain as steady as the seasons themselves with principles deeply intertwined with the natural elements.

I don’t need to remind you that although we have the same basic blueprint, our bodies each have their own particularities. You might hate the winter, rejoice in summer, and frequently get colds in Spring. You might get angry when you’re stressed, thrive when you’re busy, and err on the side of acid reflux and inflammation when you’re out of balance. (more…)

Body Care for the Month

Friends, Fall marks the seasonal shift from hot and humid to hot and dry. To support the body: (more…)

You may not love it, but it’s the flavor of the season

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Have you ever had the experience of eating something very green or very bitter and laughed thinking, “Yikes, this is probably really good for me.”

As a woman who has tried many different medicinal foods and potions, I’ve found often the ones that have a particular bite to them can be the most healing.

Somewhere we know bitter can be helpful. (more…)

What I’d like all women to have on their menu right now

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One great, and very simple, piece of nutritional advice I’d once heard was this:

If you’re trying to decide what to eat, step outside for 15 minutes, then notice what sounds good.

This is good advice no matter what part of the country you live in and a helpful practice opening communication between the body and the natural environment.

(Instead of only relying on your head, MyFitnessPal, articles, or old habits) (more…)

A Sane Summer Eating Plan

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Three ways to use a therapeutic diet

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If you have a strain or injury to your knee, you’ll likely seek out physical therapy for a while. But eventually the therapy will be over and you’ll return to your normal activities.

Diet can also act as a therapy of its own.

Nutritional therapy. (more…)

Ready to get things in order?

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Fall brings an often palpable tug to “get things in order,” to re-commit to things that appropriately fell to the wayside during summer months. A sort of “hunker down” or “hone in” energy…

Do you experience this, too? (more…)

Improve your tastebud IQ

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When I was 17 I loved indulging my taste for unique clothing.  I loved wearing my long sweaters lined with dark purple faux fur and snakeskin pants (also fake) from the tiny clothing store I worked at at the time.   Sometimes I’d sift through my mom’s closet to find some piece she had from the 70s and pair it with something in my own closet.

My taste for the unique is still with me today as I treasure my less duplicatable handmade jewelry from South America, a beautiful gold and citrine ring that was my great grandmother Laura Ruiz’s, and beautiful objects I’ve acquired during travel. (more…)

Seasonal Presence & Your Nutritional Selves

I’m so in my element right now. Fall is my season!

I’ve enjoyed the satisfaction and meditative quality of raking leaves as well as sitting outside with a warm beverage while allowing my eyes to weave in and out of focus staring into rich orange and red bonfire flames.

Walking outside I’m greeted by the familiar sound of treetop branches swaying and crashing their leaves, a sound I’ve grown so very fond of (When I close my eyes, I hear the ocean…) (more…)

My Personal Winter Meal Plan

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I often do not discuss my personal eating habits, as I want to encourage both readers and clients to have a clean mental slate when it comes to their personal diet.

I do not expect people to eat the same way I do and visa versa. (more…)

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