The Ketogenic Diet & Personal Power

One of my clients was sharing an experience she had at a wedding she went to. During the cocktail hour a friend of hers refused to eat the baby carrots and cucumbers set out as hors d’oeuvres and instead pulled a small baggy filled with meat slices out of her purse.

Why this “inconspicuous” baggy of meat do you ask?

No, she wasn’t faithfully supplementing a major iron deficiency.

She brought the bag of meat because she was pre-occupied with her body weight (reported by my client) and was following a ketogenic diet, diligently tracking her 20 net carbs or less. (more…)

A Full Spectrum Approach to Weight

Jun 30, 2017 | Tags: weight, weight loss, | No Comments

The role of a healer in traditional and indigenous healing systems is to look at a problem or symptom as it relates to the whole person and community.

This is very different than the more modern approach of reducing things down to their component parts without any understanding (or care for that matter) of the connection and communication between the body, mind, soul, heart, spirit, community, environment, or the collective experiences of those who have come before us. (more…)

Still holding onto dieting? Here’s 8 reasons why…

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Intellectually you probably feel like you understand that dieting and the sort of stress and pressure involved doesn’t really work.

You know…the planning, the rules, even the narrowly contained “cheat days” or “cheat meals.” The inner pang when one of your girlfriends starts sharing with heroic verve about how amazing she feels now that she’s started this new thing with her diet. (more…)

Want better results with your weight? Ask better questions.

Jun 14, 2015 | Tags: weight loss, | No Comments

There was a time in my life that I was gripped so tightly by fear around weight gain.

Because I cycled through periods of binge eating and eating very clean, I felt I had evidence that I simply could not trust myself.

So in an effort to manage my out-of-control cycles of eating, I did what almost every western woman has been taught: control, mange, use willpower, count, and track. (more…)

A PSA about Body Weight

Jan 29, 2015 | Tags: body image, New Year, weight loss, | 4 Comments

Here you go my friends. A PSA about weight during a very popular time many think about losing it. I’m seeing this thing happen where weight and health are getting confused and it’s causing people all sorts of angst….This has been sitting on my desktop as a Word doc for the last two weeks and I have been hesitant to post but it’s time to set it free… (more…)

4 Questions your Should be Asking about Your Workouts

Oct 14, 2014 | Tags: Exercise, weight loss, | No Comments

My own relationship with exercise has changed a lot over the past decade. When I was younger I used to exercise compulsively.  On top of teaching group fitness classes regularly, I’d spend added time in the gym out of fear that I wasn’t doing enough. As I learned to soften around this, the pendulum swung in the other direction, and I found it difficult to feel inspired to workout or take “hard” classes. (more…)

Why Healthy Eating can still lead to Weight Gain

Sep 14, 2014 | Tags: weight loss, | No Comments

“Despite my healthy diet, I am actually GAINING weight.”
“I eat well, my but body doesn’t seem to get the hint.” (more…)

Avoid these 3 Appetite-Suppressing Pitfalls

Jun 30, 2014 | Tags: weight loss, | 2 Comments

Although I was only gone for less than 5 full days during a personal retreat in northern Michigan, I was amazed by the fluctuations in my own appetite. I had a couple days where I was fully nourished by my surroundings and didn’t seem to need much in terms of meal size. And then there was another day where my metabolism was burning intensely and I couldn’t seem to get enough physical nourishment. (more…)

Rx for Stubborn Weight

May 14, 2014 | Tags: weight, weight loss, | No Comments

Human beings are interesting creatures. We are the only breathing beings on this planet that are so fixated on the manipulation of body weight. Rather than taking the approach of transcending this fascination, I say we dive right in. (more…)

6 Quick Reminders (when everyone around you is dieting)

Jan 31, 2014 | Tags: Detox, weight loss, | 1 Comment

On the journey to a healthy relationship with food, a lot of inner conflict can come up around diet. I notice this comes up for women frequently around the New Year. Have you ever noticed any of these thoughts crossing your mind: (more…)

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