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There's far more
to health than calories
rules & willpower


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Meet Laura Burkett,

certified holistic nutritionist, eating psychology counselor, & coach, based in Grand Rapids, MI

Despite your nutritional knowledge, are you still running into the same walls with weight loss, dieting, painful eating patterns?  Does it feel like your health or eating habits will continue to suffer if you don’t address the underlying feelings and beliefs that impact your eating? Are you ready to make a sustainable change but know you need guidance?


A holistic, whole-person approach to health and healing can help. Rather than adhere to one specific dietary theory as “the perfect diet,” I work with you closely to match a style of eating that best supports your body, emotional well-being, and long-term goals.

Trained as a nutritionist, coach, and therapist, I create a safe and loving environment that draws on the wisdom of ancient and modern nutritional science as well as depth psychology and eating psychology counseling. This integrated approach leads my clients to a renewed sense of confidence, healing, and freedom

Proud to celebrate 14+ years of service! Additional therapy site here

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