Laura_RFW_2018_57_retouched_WEBMeet Laura Burkett,

professional holistic nutrition counselor & certified eating psychology coach, based in Grand Rapids, MI

Are you looking for a nutritionist but are tired of the lists and rules? Despite your nutritional knowledge, are you still running into the same walls with weight loss, dieting, or chronic physical symptoms? A holistic, whole-person approach to health and wellness may be the missing key. Rather than adhere to one specific dietary theory as “the perfect diet,” I work with you to match a style of eating that best supports your body, lifestyle, and personal history.

Trained as nutritionist, coach, and therapist, I create a safe, supportive environment that draws on the wisdom of ancient and modern dietary theories as well as depth and eating psychology counseling. This deep and integrated approach leads to a renewed sense of confidence, well-being, and freedom.

Proud to be celebrating 12 years of service!

Why work with Laura?