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Why work with Laura?

I practice a holistic approach to eating, diet, and body which means that I look at how all areas of your life are impacting you.

If you’re like most clients that work with me, you already know quite a bit about nutrition. Yet for some reason, despite your knowledge, things may not be working for you long-term.

You’re not alone. Most of my clients come to me feeling frustrated and stuck with at least one of the following health concerns:

  • “On again, Off again” habits with healthful eating

  • Digestion issues & bloating

  • Body weight

  • Overeating or feeling “addicted” to certain foods

  • Binge eating or disordered eating

  • Overwhelm with conflicting nutritional information

  • Mood swings or low energy

  • Body image challenges

  • Difficulty following through with health protocols

  • Disconnection from the Natural body or femininity

  • Eating or body challenges that seem to be connected with relationships or life transitions


And some clients are simply wanting a mentor to guide them through a step-wise process to improve the quality of their diet.

There is far more to health than information alone. Real Food Wellness offers a unique blend of nutrition and psychology to fully support clients.


Real Food Wellness’ core concepts:

No one diet works for everyone
As a teacher once said, “There are as many right ways of eating as there are people on the planet.” Rather than adhere to one specific dietary theory as “the holy grail”, we match which styles of eating best support your body and lifestyle right now. This is different for every woman and results in an increase in confidence & self-trust.

Balanced nutrition
My approach is not to dwell on calories, carbs, fats, and proteins. Nor is it to create lists of restrictions or good and bad foods which tends to backfire. Instead, I work with my clients to create a style of eating that integrates high quality, whole foods nutrition as well as pleasure and nourishment. What we ingest has the potential to affect our bodies at a cellular level. So does our attitude towards it. We honor both.

Health is holistic
There may be other areas in your life that are calling for attention via your challenges with health and food. These include the areas of spirituality, core beliefs, emotional healing, purpose, family, work in the world, relationships, and personal rites of passage. Your life and health challenges have a brilliance and wisdom to them. Rather than solely focusing on “fixing a problem” we use health challenges and concerns as a powerful and symbolic platform for growth, change, and deeper self-understanding.

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