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1430 Robinson Rd SE, Suite 219,
Grand Rapids, MI 49506

*Remote appointments available by phone or Zoom"


Monday – Thursday 10:00am- 5:30pm


“Working with Laura has been one of the biggest blessings in my life.  When I first reached out to her over a year ago I was hopeless.  I wasn’t sure how much more calorie counting, restricting and poor body image I could take, I was ready to give up.  Looking back, it is hard for me to even comprehend who I was a year ago. I no longer hate my body, I’ve stopped restricting, my scale was proudly thrown in the trash and am able to finally look in the mirror and love my body the way it is.  When you first meet Laura you feel as if you have known her a lifetime.  She creates a sacred place for you to deeply unravel and dissect what caused your poor relationship with food and your body.  She’s the first person I have felt like really understands what I am feeling.  Laura lets you know that all work is optional and allows you safely explore food when you feel comfortable.  She is the true definition of your biggest cheerleader. A year later and I am proud to say the war with my body is over and I have won some of my biggest battles, all thanks to her. I will forever be grateful for her and her knowledge”


- Allie B, Grand Rapids 

Working with Laura has absolutely changed my life. When I started meeting with her, I was in a very bad place with my feelings toward myself and my relationship with my body. I had reached a point where I couldn’t stand the calorie counting or weight obsession any longer. I didn’t want to be in a place of hating myself, and food, for the rest of my life. Somehow, I stumbled upon Laura’s website and I felt like something was telling me that meeting with her was the next step I was supposed to take. Over the past year, my life has completely changed thanks to her. She has helped me learn to listen to my body and to enjoy food for the first time in my life. I no longer obsess about calories or the number on the scale. Food no longer controls me. I finally feel free to be myself and the constant guilt I had surrounding food is finally gone, which is something I never thought would be attainable. I can’t say enough good things about Laura. She is incredibly understanding and kind, and she cares so much about her clients. She really does get to know you and takes your whole life into account when working with you. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone struggling with food and body image issues. I will forever be grateful for the work that she does! 

Ashley, Byron Center, MI

Laura helped me improve my relationship with my mind and body concerning food and eating, and to develop a healthy approach to eating, weight loss and self-care.  Prior to meeting with Laura, I was overly focused on counting calories and macros, working out, and restricting foods in order to lose weight.  I put a tremendous amount of energy into eating the “perfect” foods and losing weight.  I did lose weight, but I quickly gained it back (and then some).  I compared myself to others constantly.  I tried many different diets.  But the result was binge eating, weight gain and extreme fatigue.  Laura helped me to understand the reason I began to binge eat and the cause of other unhealthy thoughts and practices that I had developed over the years.  She creates an incredibly safe environment.  I was embarrassed to talk about binge-eating and worried how she would react.  But Laura’s response was very comforting and I always left our sessions feeling refreshed, confident and energized.  As a result of my work with Laura, I have regained my energy and I overall feel mentally and physically healthier.  Both my relationship with food and with myself are healthy and positive.  It is very clear that Laura deeply cares for her clients. I highly recommend working with her. 

Carrie, Grand Rapids, MI

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