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Initial Consultation:


All clients begin with an initial 60-minute consultation ($170). Clients first submit a detailed intake questionnaire prior to meeting that I review before our time. During our scheduled time together, we make a heartfelt connection, explore your primary concerns, important parts of your personal biography, your daily lifestyle and eating habits, and clarify what is most important to you in this work together.  When appropriate, I also give you your first course of action to begin our work right away.


Your Personal Program


How we begin:


Once we've clarified goals, I often suggest clients plan for 6 sessions to begin our work together and make noticeable progress. Each time we meet, we work with the specific nutritional, emotional, and habitual concerns that impact your life directly.  I offer support and guidance holistically as nutritionist, therapist, and teacher, bridging nutritional work with deep listening, to create long-term, sustainable change from the inside out*. After each session, you're given specific homework to work on until our next session together given the goals your working toward, (whether a nutrition assignment, eating psychology practice, or healing practice). This helps reduce the overwhelm that often accompanies the "bigness" of change. Unlike the traditional "clinical feel," distancing client and practitioner, our collaborative relationship is key.


In our private sessions, we address any of the following:

  • Help you identify your ideal relationship with food at this stage in your life

  • Teach you how to set up and your eating and diet during the workweek, evenings, weekends, and during travel or social time so you feel confident, adaptable, and feel your best physically (reducing any symptoms you're dealing with)

  • Bring clarity to your concerns and confusion regarding conflicting dietary information (i.e. meal timing, meal composition, portions, fasting, body weight and appetite regulation, detoxification, healing foods, etc.)

  • Help you heal patterns of restriction, binge eating, overeating, chronic dieting, or "self-sabotage"and the emotional layers or triggers that often drive them

  • Unburden the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs around your eating, weight, and health that were shaped by your personal history and by culture at large 

  • Teach you how to get to place with your eating that you can simply eat well and move on with your life (a simple but honest desire of many clients)

  • Address any deeper dimensions and spiritual lessons your journey with your body and eating are here to teach you

As a result of our work together, you can finally get your time and mental energy back, not having to fixate on eating, and likely feel better than you have in some time. On average, clients work with me for 6-12 months consistently.  Some choose to do longer-term work together. Most clients meet with me bi-weekly.  After our initial consult, we'll decide what spacing of sessions feels best. 

Sessions are an hour in length and $170

New Clients:

6 session program paid in full - $935

12 session program paid in full - $1870

* personal audio recordings, practices, reading recommendations, email communication, etc will also be provided as needed/necessary

** Cancellation Policy: Individual appointments are scheduled for a specific time. You will be charged 100% for missed individual appointments unless Laura is notified of cancellation at least 24 hours (business day)  in advance, unless cases of emergency.

1/2 Day Intensives

Offered on a very limited basis. Please inquire. 

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