Eating to the Point of Energy

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Date(s) - 09/13/2020 - 09/27/2020
12:00 am

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Enrollment opens Tuesday, September 1st!  We begin September 13th

In it’s most basic sense, eating to the point of energy means you finish eating and leave the table feeling satisfied, comfortable, with energy and a small trace of hunger leftover for the next thing for the day.

Sounds pretty nice, right?

Unfortunately, many of us are operating in a way, both physically and mentally, that doesn’t allow us to register this level of satisfaction and energy.

But the good news is you are capable of learning any skill you invest a little energy in.

This is a different kind of nutritional training that’s not as focused on “eating your greens,” but instead, drawing you more deeply into embodiment and confidence around eating through your own direct experience.

This is often the work women WANT to do but tend to try everything else first. Like I said, this is a practice in direct experience. You’ll learn first-hand what your body has the potential to be.

And there will be plenty of room for “messing up,” so don’t worry.

Within a few weeks time frame, we’ll be studying and implementing specific nutrition and eating psychology practices.




This short course is helpful if you:



And would like to:





This is a CORE PRACTICE. It is elegant and simple and it will be taught simply.

We’ll be learning together remotely, as part of a private community practicing together.

We’ll start mid-month in September (approaching Fall), when there’s generally an increase in focus and energy to work on something of value to you.



Mark your Calendar:

Primary Class: Sunday, September 13th      1:00-2:15pm EST (do plan to attend live, if possible)

Practice Week #1 Theme: Eating to the Point of Energy + Assignment 1 (week of Sept 13th)

Practice Week #2 Theme: Navigating What Gets in the Way + Assignment 2 (week of Sept 20th)

Practice Week #3 Theme:  Addressing Concerns & Moving Forward + Assignment 3 (week of Sept 27th)


The primary class will be held remotely via Tele-class (simply call in comfortably from your phone to attend).  Each week’s assignment and re-cap for the week will be posted in our private Facebook group via video (just a few minutes long).  This is a place for practice, discussion, and questions.  The recording will be available to you anytime during the three weeks.


The investment for three weeks of practice together and support is $45 (think $15/week)

It’s going to be great! There is no substitution for your own field work.

I do hope you join if you are curious or inspired to build up your eating savvy :)

Enrollment opens September 1st!  Register below:

Food REPAIR: 3-Week Diet Renewal

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Date(s) - 05/24/2020 - 06/07/2020
All Day

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A lot of people I’ve spoken to, started their social-distancing journey in March feeling relatively grounded with their eating. Now as time has passed, I’ve been hearing that some eating habits and attitudes toward eating are surfacing that don’t feel particularly great.

“Is this the new normal for me?” you might wonder. “Am I going to keep heading down a direction I feel lousy about and then, come summer, end up really discouraged?”

I’d say the good news is, that a bit of loving course correction can really help mitigate some challenging eating habits and shift them in a direction you feel much better about. If you feel it’s time to get re-inspired about your diet, re-connect with dietary wisdom and nutritional practices that best support your body type, I’m very happy to invite you to Food REPAIR, a 3-week program to help you renew and re-inspire your diet. I’ll be leading you through a step-wise process bridging learning and practice over the course of three weeks. It’s designed to be encouraging, informative, and  fun, too.


You’ll be learning and implementing:


We’ll be working step by step, starting with morning practice and working our way through meals and snacks. I’ll also be weaving in core lessons on the balance of structure and pleasure, and how to find balance with your diet, while making the progress you’d like to make.



Broken down into modules, here’s what we cover:

Module 1:  Re-establishing morning rhythm/routine, learning about and implementing functional food breakfasts, therapeutic and delicious drinks. One case study. Week one assignment.

Module 2: Working on solid lunch & snack principles based on the health and eating concerns that are most important to you (ex. blood sugar, beauty, weight regulation, appetite regulation, meal satisfaction, etc…)  One case study.  Week two assignment.

Module 3:  Working with dinner and evening eating habits & addressing any concerns or appropriate tweaks. One case study. Week three assignment.


Still wondering if this program is a good fit for you?

This program is a good fit if one or more of the following are true:

You haven’t been feeling your best physically and know your diet could help you feel better
You don’t like the direction eating has been going
You feel a sense of relief at the thought of re-establishing some helpful eating habits and some structure
You enjoy learning about diet & nutrition and a bit about the psychology of eating
You like the idea of being part of group of people journeying together


I trust that most people will know if this program will feel supportive and is the right time.  The easiest barometer is checking in, imagining you’re about to start learning together later in the month, and see if you feel encouraged and hopeful or if you feels stressed out. (Of course, encouraged and hopeful is what we’re going for. Stressed out, and this may not be the right timing)


If you’d like to join me, here are the other details you’re probably wondering about:


How do I attend?  What’s the format?

I’ll be leading the series through a private Facebook group where you’ll find the week’s video lesson each week along with discussion prompts, a Q & A section, and a resources section.  Facebook has a Group Learning function in their groups now that allows me to break things down into learning units.  It’s pretty user-friendly.

What’s the cost?

The 3-week program is $45.  (simple math: $15/week) You have a core lesson/teaching each week and space to ask questions as we move along together.

Once I enroll, then what?

Once you register, I’ll send you an email connecting you with the private Facebook group to join.  You’ll find a welcome section right away and your first lesson will go live on Sunday morning on May 24th.


I think those are the details!  If you have any further question, you can reach me here.

If you know this will be good for you and you’d like to join me, you can register below.  I know it’s an unreal time, my friends.  Caring for our physical well-being is one way we can focus on something within our scope of power.  I’m looking forward to the time together.



Community Class: Taking Care in Unprecedented Times

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Date(s) - 04/22/2020
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

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Dear friends, I have been putting together a “care package class” for anyone who is interested in additional dietary & eating Canva_Takingcareclasspsychology support right now in our Real Food Wellness community.

The etymology of the word “care” brings us to the old English and Old High German “grief” and “lament.”  In our time together, we’ll be addressing a deep kind of care for ourselves with diet, health, weight, and eating concerns as the doorway into self-care, while holding the vulnerabilities and soulful dimensions so many of us our navigating today.  Expect a lot of heart in this one.


I’ll be addressing the following topics:


The care package class is 90-minutes and $20.

If an alternate payment arrangement is needed at this time, ($0-20) reach me here and we’ll work it out for you. Everyone is welcome.

As always, we start practical, and examine the deeper soulful themes.

Date: Wednesday, April 22nd

Time: 6-7:30pm EST

Place: Remote class via phone conference (just dial in and listen)

(I encourage you to attend the class live together as a community, though a recording will be available for a week)

Register here:

One-Day Eating Psychology Retreat (Postponed)

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Date(s) - 03/21/2020
9:00 am - 4:00 pm

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Somewhere deep within the modern health-conscious woman, there’s a knowledge that eating is not meant to be so consuming, defining, or polarized with lists of permitted foods and forbidden foods. Somewhere deep…in her aboriginal mind, she knows…this is not what this life is about, nor is this the embodiment of real health.

Without a wiser sense of the nutritional terrain (that carves out space for both the salivating animal and the focused will of the spirit), she’s got a real ordeal ahead of her. If she blindly turns toward diet culture for guidance, anything but perfection or control may feel like failure. She either strives even harder or delays starting anything.

But following a less trodden path, she learns a new and counter-culture way that is guided by her heart and preferences, and stokes her metabolism by moving toward Nature instead of against it. – Laura Burkett




On Saturday, March 21st, I will be offering a day-long eating psychology retreat in my Eastown office in Grand Rapids, MI.  Generally, this retreat will be a good fit if you tend to find yourself experiencing a split with your eating or attitude toward eating, meaning you might go through periods of dietary restriction followed by periods of dietary “indulgence” and want to learn how to transform this pattern or simply feel drawn to learning the deeper dimensions of nutrition, eating, and body weight.

During our time together, you’ll learn sound dietary principles that support metabolic functioning and learn exactly what needs to happen to reduce polarized eating patterns based on client case studies over 10+ years.  We’ll address the deeper dimensions of perfectionism, nutrition culture in the West, common fears that arise in this work, personal evolutionary steps toward more empowered eating, and specific practices to heal your eating in a personal way, deeply rooted in the Feminine.

Prepare to feel uplifted and encouraged!  Though my language is primarily leans towards women, class is open to anyone who feels drawn to the themes presented here.


Location: Real Food Wellness (1430 Robinson Rd. SE, Suite 219, Grand Rapids, MI 49506)
Date:  Saturday, March 21st
Time: 9:30am-4:00pm
Cost: $95

(CLASS IS CURRENTLY POSTPONED in lieu of COVID-19 in an effort to care for our community  - new date announced once it is more stable to do so.  Be well!) 



Laura Burkett Gutierrez has been serving West Michigan as a coach, counselor, and teacher since 2009.  She bridges ancient and modern nutritional science, eating and depth psychology, and Internal Family Systems theory to fully support clients.  Read more at

Ayurveda & The Yoga of Eating

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Date(s) - 02/09/2020
1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

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Join Holistic Health and Eating Psychology practitioner, Laura Burkett, in a fun and life-affirming class on Ayurveda, one branch of the Vedic sciences dealing with the health of the physical body.IMG_5169 Together we’ll explore Ayurvedic self-care and nutritional practices that honor our uniqueness as well as support us in living harmoniously with the cycles of nature.
The benefits include: improved sleep, better digestion, weight regulation, natural detoxification, more trust in the body, and feeling more connected to the Earth.

Some topics covered:
- The purpose of Ayurveda
- The importance of the lymphatic system & digestive system
- Ayurvedic eating guidelines & recommendations for your primary constitution
- Daily self-care practices
- Ayurvedic perspectives on detoxification, weight, mood regulation
- Q &A

Please note there is no need for your mat as we will not be doing any physical poses in this workshop. No prior knowledge of Ayurveda necessary.


Location: Cascade Yoga Studio (5060 Cascade Rd SE, Grand Rapids, MI)
Date: Sunday, February 9th, 2020
Time: 1:00pm-3:30pm
Cost: $35
Register here

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