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Masterclass: Eating to the Point of Energy

In it's most basic sense, Eating to the Point of Energy means you finish eating and leave the table feeling satisfied, comfortable, with energy and a small trace of hunger leftover for the next thing for the day.

Though simple in theory, many of us are operating in a way, both physically and mentally, that hinders our ability to register this subtle level of satisfaction and energy.

The good news is you are capable of learning any skill you invest a little energy in.

This is a different kind of class.

We're not focusing on learning how to eat more greens or dietary protein. This class is designed to draw you more deeply into your body so you can learn first -hand how to eat what you'd like in amounts that feels fantastic. Your confidence is built through your own direct experience in your own body.

This is often the work many WANT to do but tend to try everything else first (food tracking apps, counting calories, omitting food groups, trying extreme or restrictive diets)


This 90-minute masterclass is helpful if you:


• Seem to overeat or eat beyond fullness and would prefer not to, or..

• Track macros, points, or calories to regulate your eating, and would prefer to relax more around this, or...

• Believe you must control or manipulate your hunger or appetite in order to eat well


And would like to:


• Feel energized and satisfied after eating

• Improve or build upon your body awareness

• Understand your appetite

• Feel more freedom eating food that you enjoy, without worrying about overeating or gaining a bunch of weight

• Give food a proper place in life




Mark your Calendar:

Sunday, June 2nd from 1:00pm-2:30pm EST/10:00am-11:30am PST


Class will be held live on Zoom. A recording will be available for those who are not able to make it to class live.

Investment: $40

You can save your seat and enroll one of two ways:

VENMO: send $40 to @lauraburkettgutierrez (use 1691 as confirmation phone #)

PayPal: send $40 to 

I hope you can make it! This is a 100% portable skill that can practice at home, at work, at restaurants, and on vacation.

Questions? Contact me here

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