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12 Ingredients for a Dietary Revolt – Be warned!

If you’re like most people interested in health and nutrition, you want to eat well, be healthy, and feel attractive. You might gather the best nutritional knowledge you can get your hands on, start doing great work for a while, then something happens…

The mysterious alter eating ego takes over and ruins all your good work. Your momentum can come to a screeching halt.

It can feel frustrating.

If only this chaotic, sabotaging part would just go away, leave you alone, go pick on somebody else…

Why does this part seem to hang around?

Often our sabotaging behaviors with food make complete sense if you can open yourself to their helpful messages. (yes, helpful)

Today I’ve got the perfect recipe for self-sabotaging dietary revolt. It’s the combination of a few of these that can make things particularly challenging.

  • Moralize your foods and fit everything into a “good” or “bad” list. Judge yourself around this intensely.

  • Chronically under-eat

  • Skip breakfast and have a small lunch

  • Sleep poorly most nights

  • Have poor personal boundaries

  • Ignore core life stressors

  • Maintain chronic poor self image

  • Have unresolved anger or avoid conflict all together

  • Give without receiving

  • Spread yourself thin. Become a ‘work horse’ if possible.

  • Do not allow yourself to receive goodness or support in your life

  • Keep yourself, your truest expression, hidden from the world

Mix any ingredients of your choosing

Know that an eating challenge can simply point to the most important thing, the thing that needs love and support.

I hope you find this list helpful. Sending much love and wishes for helpful insights on this journey.

With love and respect,


(P.S. Speaking of self-sabotaging behaviors, I’ve been refining and streamlining something very special that will REALLY help deconstruct the core challenges around eating and body image. I just wanted to let you know that it’s coming down the line. Stay tuned – I’ve got a video coming to your inbox on March 1st:)

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