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A Potent Practice for Knowing What You Need

I sit here writing to you on June 11th, a few short hours before I take off for a solo retreat in Northern MI for several days. I am uncertain if I will have access to reliable internet. A few months ago, I decided I wanted to do something really nourishing for myself around my birthday this month. Something on my own, no party, fancy dinner, or birthday cake necessary. The more I thought about it and the more complicated my ideas seemed to get, the more I realized I was leaning towards simplicity (an intention I’ve had for 2014), a connection with Nature, and time… …enough time to move out of the routines of daily life, and to practicing just being with little distraction. Taking the time to listen deeply is a lost art. To be heard deeply, without judgment or agenda, IS a healing art and one of the reasons I am so drawn to offering work in a counseling-type setting as part of my entrepreneurial path. Many people ache for this deep sort of listening. Over time, I’ve realized how important it is that we build our inner resources by calling upon the listener within (always a work in progress). Deep listening (to yourself from yourself) is a practice that can be implemented anytime. Here is one seemingly simple, yet potent personal home practice in listening, a friend modeled for me years ago: When you arrive home from work, errands, or vacation, place your hand on your heart and ask yourself: “What do I need right now? (Rest? Food? To sit outside for 5 minutes? To stop and breathe? To cry, laugh, or scream in a pillow? To disengage my brain for a while?”) We often move from one thing to the next, without creating space for transition and simple listening. Half the time we may not even know what we need! Even if the answer to the question is “I don’t know” in the beginning, keep asking. Sending love to you. I’m looking forward to re-connecting with you for our regularly scheduled blog in July or meeting with you one-on-one upon my return! And Happy Fathers Day! Here’s to all the Fathers in our lives: our fathers from birth and those structures, routines, and people that embody Healthy Masculine energy. Have a beautiful remainder to June! Big Love, Laura

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