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How to trust your wild body (gift for you)

This, my dear women, is the “after” picture from my sweet little niece Jade’s (okay almost-neice’s) 1st birthday party last weekend.

Impressive work, yes?

Can we appreciate the humor in celebrating a year of life with a birthday cake bender?

Have you, in your adult life, ever eaten a lot of cake and proudly photographed the aftermath?

Haha – Me either!

If such an eating feat did occur, most women would do the OPPOSITE.

Hide out.

But back to our picture….

Something worth noting: the cake is not gone. There was simply a point where this little sweetie didn’t want any more.

These are basic animal instincts.

The instincts that make us salivate when we see chocolate cake are the same ones that tell us when eating is complete.

Over time, as you know, having this sort of trust and faith in our bodies ability to regulate hunger and appetite starts to wane.

Through conditioning we may have grown to NOT trust, and instead work to MANAGE our adult woman bodies.

It takes great faith to take a micro-step toward self-trust once again.

If you’ve written off the concept of “intuitive eating” or “body wisdom” as either daunting or of little value to you, I hope I can re-ignite your curiosity.

Body trust can ultimately lead to a sort of freedom that includes a bodily knowing of what and how much to eat. (What woman doesn’t want that??)

Just as beautifully, body trust will allow you to access your wisest knowing, the part that helps you make your bigger life decisions, that speaks the truth even when it is difficult, and that knows when something (no matter how good it looks on the outside) is just not the right thing for you.

You can start cultivating this sort of knowing (you guessed it) through the bodily experience of hunger and food preference.

Today I have a little gift for you: A PDF I created for you with 4 special practices to help you check in with your body.

I am so appreciative of you and your involvement with Real Food Wellness (even virtually) I do hope you find practice that resonates for you.

With Love,


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