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My Secret Weapon for an Ideal Day

One of my most cherished secrets for a great day involves my morning ritual. This single thing has had so much influence on the quality of my day. Especially when done regularly.

Keep in mind, the details of morning ritual can look different from person to person.

To give you an example, here is a version of what I do many days:

  • Wake early and hydrate my body with plenty of fresh water.

  • Enjoy ayuvedic self-care like skin brushing and tongue scraping.

  • Sit and meditate or read or journal for a bit.

  • Get to necessary emails for the day.

  • Eat a nourishing breakfast and plan some form of movement in.

  • Then off to work I go.

I do this for myself so I can show up at my best for those I connect with throughout the day.

It took some time to find a rhythm. I honestly just started with eating breakfast. You can start anywhere, too.

Your Ideal Day

Because I believe that the time we take to nourish ourselves sends a powerful message to the universe, consider the time we make to take care of ourselves as a symbolic act. We have an opportunity to “be the change” by modeling self-love and self-care through our own personal practices.

If you are drawn to having a consistent morning ritual, I’d love to share the essentials I’d like to see every woman integrating daily. Even when I don’t have a lot of time I never ever miss these 3 things:


Ensure you are sufficiently hydrated with pure water first thing in the morning. Hydration is key for an optimally functioning body and helps to flush waste out of the body that could be hindering efficient digestion. Always drink the majority of your water on an empty stomach, not with or after eating. Adding lemon to your morning water is especially beneficial.

Create space for The Sacred: